Saturday, November 5, 2011

Barbie with a Camera in her Boobs?

Ok, I Have lots of Barbie dolls, so hope my reaction Doesn't lose me followers. But if it does, that's one of the Great things about living here, you don't Have to read more.

I am interested in Islamic clothing because although I hate the way in which some of the children's dolls out there are dressed, I am ignorant about it. Since I can't see it, maybe Dolls wearing it can teach me. And I'm Glad to live in a country of many cultures and religions, no matter what my personal beliefs are. There is always something new to learn.

So here's a censored for language E-mail I sent to a friend about a Particular Barbie. This all is probably old news to you, I don't know.


I was looking at something on Ebay and under "sponsored links" there was an article
about social responsibility and a Barbie that worried even the FBI. Since I was
looking at Muslim dolls, thought I'd better find out if the FBI was worried about any Ebay sellers of Muslim dolls.

But when I went to the article I learned that Barbie's newest "career" seems to be that of a videographer. There is a Camera
installed in her chest which can record up to thirty minutes of video (I don't know
about sound) And download it to a computer! So Where the hell do you plug her In
to the USB port? A Lot of lonely geeks may Really like this doll!
I got so hysterical thinking about this that it was hard to take it Seriously.

On one hand, a Whole lot of parents could be Very embarrassed by the pictures Barbie
brings to school. (No way I let My kid have one). On the other hand, in a politically
repressive situation, somebody's Doll Might not be Quite as likely to be smashed by the
authorities as their picture taking Cell phone. Barbie at a drug bust, Barbie on
the Border Patrol, riding her clip-clopping horse? That Chick Might Really Learn some things about the Real world after all!

I can see why the authorities wouldn't like it, but Cannot imagine what their specific
worries are, and don't Want to. Maybe now that I'm not laughing, (just smiling uncontrollably) I should try to go back and read the Whole article. I might learn some things too. Wonder if anyone in the Occupy Wallstreet Movement has a "videographer

They've been trying to find a way to extend the age at which little girls stop playing
with Barbie and switch to American Girl or dolls like her. I think This may have Just
done it! Who Knows who will buy that Barbie?

But I'll bet your little one could learn to use that boob camera in a frighteningly
short time.
Too bad I can't use this for my bllog, but I'm Not interested in FBI attention for
getting hysterical over something which concerns them. Ain't it lovely how we've been taught (or mostly taught) to cut off our Own heads, just to keep a low, supposedly Safe profile?
Good Night, set your clock back an hour.

Maybe I Will change this a bit and use it on blog. Might lose a doll collector follower
or two though.

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