Friday, November 4, 2011

Thankful and Doll Research

I am thankful for: a roof over my head, heat when it's cold, a permanent, (at least for now) place to stay, that the month of Oct., containing both Ann's birthday and Halloween has been lived through, and the luxury I have been given to think and write.

Most people fear blindness more than any other disability, according to many surveys on disability. That makes sense, as sighted peoople are said to get about %80 of the information their brains take in through vision. What they Don't realize is that if that percentage of visual input is lost, there Are Other Ways of receiving Much of it through Other senses which must be developed. One learns to listen Very carefully, Feel the environment with feet on the ground and hands. One uses the sense of smell to know many things which might not be seen, (who is a secret smoker, who chews what kind of gum, who drinks off duty, who wears a particular perfume or after-shave, etc.)

No one Wants to become disabled, including blindness. It takes more time to receive a message in words than to view a picture. On the other hand, you can be fooled by a clever paint job into buying the same doll 9 or 10 times. It takes more time And work to get something done with a disability.

Given that No one Wants blindness, becoming disabled and thus usually unemployable, especially in This economy, one is offered the luxury of Thought. How many people do you know who work so hard that they are exhausted when they get home, partly from jobs they hate, and they Still have to do laundry, take care of children, get groceries, etc.?

I have to do laundry, cook, do basic things like this too. But because no one wants to hire a blind person, let alone a Deaf-blind one, I can listen to what I like as I work. This allows me times of thought, times of relative Quiet, a Precious commodity, and the ability to put thoughts together in a Hopefully coherent way.

I have already written about the choices a disabled person must make, am I a bad, flawed human being, or are the values of this society screwed up? I'm betting readers who honor me by reading my words know which choice I try to hold onto. It isn't easy. This question must be decided again and again, when society in many ways tries to tell those of us with disabilities that we are less worthy, flawed, people.

Becoming disabled has terrible costs, I get out of the house fr fun about twice per month. This means a computer feels Vital, in terms of continuing to learn new things and continuing to be involved with society. I don't like hanging on the phone for hours. Lower income, loosing friends, not driving anymore, these are All consequences of becoming severely visually impaired. Switching over to reading via audio books takes time and isn't easy. Some people cannot take in audio information well, no matter How hard they try. And need I say that one must get help for doll shopping or wishing via the net? No more pictures, or blurry ones. Sometimes you just get Stuck paying for a product you don't like.

A friend once told me that I didn't have to pay nearly as much for cab fare as one had to pay for car upkeep and insurance. I thought about this for quite a while. I think she is wrong. I don't Go out to eat, doll shopping, to the grocery store, or anywhere else by cab. he difference Is that I must make a life Here, where I live. My friend and friend's husband Dio go on road trips, vacations, out to eat occasionally, and they go to the grocery store for whatever they want when they want it, and they can shop also. If I Did all of these things via cab my whole budget would be eaten up by taxi fares. I don't.

So, there are Many costs to becoming disabled.

What has to be done is to look for and use any advantage one finds, and I'm NOT talking about mistreating other people via the Pity Factor!

So I cannot read magazines, (probably a blessing) I do and Can listen to foreign and quality domestic news sources whenever possible. I cannot see pictures, but I can create them through weaving, sewing, beading.

I can use my time to benefit others and myself by trying to grow as a person in understanding others.

Have to finish this post later, too long for now and a sighted friend is here to help, must use the time available to read flat stuff, etc.

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