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Prettie Dolls and Politics in Tibet

I looked up the Prettie dolls and was Happy to see that there was a doll who could be Middle Eastern or from India. As many people as have contributed to our society from both the Middle East And India, I have always been surprised Never to find dolls from India. I suppose the lack of dolls from the Middle East is about Islamaphobia.

Given that to me the faces of SIS dolls Feel so much alike, I Hope these dolls Feel different, rather than just having different paint jobs. I also hope that either the African American doll, or the African doll will have UNstraightened hair. Does anyone know when these dolls will be out and where they may become available, at which stores? Before buying one, I'd be interested in the impressions of others. Are their faces cloned?

Since Chinese banks are guaranteeing some of Europe's debt, (let alone ours) I guess talk of human rights abuses will cease. Ten Tibetan monks have now burned themselves alive, to protest the destruction of their culture and homland of Tibet by the Government of China. Moslems in Western China are also suffering. I know how to say the name of that people, but Not how to spell it, I am sorry.

A question: When the dinosaurs roamed and I was growing up, a person who belonged to the faith of Islam was referred to as a Moslem person. This was considered a respectful term. Muslim meant the African American political and social movement of leaders like Malcolm X. But online, I see both words referring to the people of Islam, all around the world. Are these names interchangeable? Are they both respectful? How does a non-Muslim know which name should be used for a particular group of people?

Below are some thoughts I had when I heard through our local Buddhis listserv that the tenth monk had burned himself to death. Our TV's showed us this during the Vietnam War, but seem to be censoring it now. Of course, reporters who get to Tibet probably are accompanied by Government "minders" as the BBC calls them.

I have been thinking about the deaths of monks in Tibet. In one of the Dalai Lama's
books, I think it was "Ethics for the New Millennium" he wrote with much love about
the animal, plant, and mineral life of his homeland. He said hunting was only permitted
in one province, (where it was needed.) The Government of China is trying to drain
water from the Himalayas (some of the most pure in the world) for its industrial
and agricultural use. It was also building a railroad into Tibet, and in many other
ways destroying the fragile ecology and spiritual lives of the land of Tibet.
During the Vietnam War TV was not so careful to keep us from the truth and the Government
of then S. Vietnam couldn't keep American journalists out. So into American homes
came the Shocking and horrifying images of monks giving their lives to beg for peace.
We don't See this from Tibet, we read about it and I thank Mindy for continuing to
remind us of it.
I do not know Tibetan culture. But in a place where a people have lived for a long
time in a less technological society than ours, the life of the land and the life
of its people are considered One Whole Unit. Many Native American languages have
just one word to describe this concept. In English it takes many words and is still
poorly said.
When I think about the Tibetan monks I wish people could See what they are doing
in dying by choice. Also, I think they are probably choosing death to protect the
plants, animals, stones, and purity of the water of Tibet. They are choosing to
die to try and save many forms of living beings.
This concept of a people and a land as one unit means that harm cannot be done to
one "part" of the whole without harming the entire fabric of life there. There
is not even an idea like a "part" of the whole, in many cultures.
I cannot Imagine the pain those monks feel to have a Need to sacrifice themselves
to save all life in Tibet.
Just some personal thoughts, thanks for listening,
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I read where the tenth monk immolated himself today.

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  1. Hi, T! The Prettie dolls all have the same face mold. They just have different paint jobs. New company, but right now, just the one face. The hair styles and placement differ though. (That's how sighted collectors get suckered - yes, I'll admit that, lol.)

    The African doll has wavy hair while the African American doll's hair is straight and cut asymmetrically.