Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Why Blogger, not Facebook, About Deaf-Blind Listserv, and Two Doll Questions

So what's the difference between blogging anda Facebook page? For me there is quite a bit. First, only people who Give a rip what I think or who share common interests with me will read this blog. I won't know whether anyone did or not, although some of you are kind enough to list yourselves as followers. Thanks for letting me know I'm not just talking to the wall. That knowledge has helped a lot this year!

Another difference is I don't name others except public figures and I Try to be respectful to them also. A lot of Facebook pages seem to be Full of name dropping, name calling, or both. I Could use a blog that way, if I wanted to, but it would be Very boring! Who wants or Needs to listen to name calling when there is talk radio and plenty of TV hosts who indulge in it? And name dropping is Just as tiresome, to me, anyway.

Next the issue of privacy comes along. I know that if someone wanted to find me I can be tracked down. But at least I don't have to Opt Out of being easily found. It's kind of like burglary. If someone wants to get into your house or car Badly enough, they probably will. But that's No reason to leave doors unlocked, forget to look into the back seat Before opening the car, or leaving a note on the front door about when you will return home or where the keys can be found. I am Thankful to have a place where I can write pretty much what I want to write and Not have everyone I know read it. That would lead, in this part of the country to unpleasant discussions about religion, who was or is bad or good, and politics, which Wouldn't be likely to do more than waste time and either make someone mad or hurt someone's feelings. We don't seem to know how to discuss things anymore for the Purpose of thinking of something New or Learning something new. Maybe we never did, but there are some people I read because whether I agree with them completely or not, I believe they Think. Their purpose doesn't seem to be winning an argument or trashing anyone else.

In general, I prefer that people I don't know Don't know what I look like, exactly where I live, etc. To me, Facebook seems to have an Opposite philosophy.

In order to describe my world there are certain things I have to say. But if I had a Facebook page, it would be open to the deaf-blind listserv of which I'm a part, my family and friends, of all religions and political beliefs and sexual orientations, and fellow doll enthusiasts. The purpose of the deaf-blind listserv is not to talk about dolls, (Much as I enjoy that) or to vent about the loss of Ann in my life and the changes I find myself going through as a result. That listserv is used to support deaf people losing vision or blind people using hearing. We talk about how to accomplish specific tasks, important life decisions impacted by our particular levels of hearing and vision or their lack, equipment and transportation systems we have found helpful, and new and proposed laws which may or will effect us in the future.

But I love this blog because it is like a quiet little corner which is all mine, where I can say nearly anything, so long as I don't upset Blogger's delicate labeling system, remember Yuck?
Facebook feels like a loud marketplace where everybody's yelling to be heard about the most personal things in their lives and sometimes I think It Needs a basic labeling system, to screen out cruelty. It Is amazing what some people will yell in a Wal-Mart and amazing what they are willing to say on Facebook

New subject: Is Victoria Justice, the articulated doll (play scale) I read about a plastic-haired person? What color is Tori's hair? the video (for me audio) said she wasn't built like a typical fashion doll, I liked that.
Does anyone know online doll companies with a lay-away plan? Thought not, oh well.

Thanks for reading this, anyone who makes it through.


  1. Hi! Regarding your doll queries: the Victoria Justice doll aka as Victorious, has long wavy reddish-brown hair. Her legs are jointed at the knees, but her elbows are not. Her left arm is bent so that she can hold a microphone closer to her face. She appears to be slightly heavier than Barbies. Not as thick heavy as the Get Set dolls, the Victoria doll has more substance than Barbies do. I don't have her yet to compare her out of box.

    Her face is rounder and fuller than most Barbies. You might say that she is a little big-headed, but not freakishly so like the My Scene or Bratz or Liv heads. She has an open mouth smile - grin? Yes, she looks like she is grinning at or with you.

    Hope this helps.

    I will get back about FB. That is an interesting topic, too. (Big smile)

  2. Sorry, the Tori doll's hair is black-dark brown with reddish cast.