Friday, November 25, 2011

Flavas Awards and Filling Emotional Holes with Dolls

Hey Phily Collector, Great description of Tawny's accessories, Thank You. Silver jewelry is particularly hard to find in doll land.

What is Tawny's hair like, Kioni "Diamonds and Denim?" It sounds like she might share a face with Kioni but with a different paint job. Is this right?

Your description of accesories was Very helpful!

I've been realizing that I have a problem. Logically I know that Nothing can replace Ann and that if I ever have a friend again who I can feel warm and close with and talk to about anything, it will take time to grow such a friendship.

Emotionally, even though most of me Knows better, I have been Craving dolls to fill the hole left by Ann's death and living alone with fear, due both to her absence and my disabilities. I'm wrecking what is left of my bank account. Not wise, good, or safe, in this economy.

I learned to trust Things, not myself and not other people, very early. So when in a lot of emotional pain, that old pattern returns. Not a problem if I don't take it to excess, a Problem now.

But I am finding it a Very difficult problem to handle, though maybe I have an idea (thanks to a Cherokee healer) on how to start. I will implement it and see how it goes, will let you know, especially if it works.

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  1. Hi, T!

    Tawny's hair is silky like a nicer version of straight-haired dolls. Alas, it is nothing like the "Denim and Diamonds" Kiyoni that I think you have. And Tawn's face is similar in the facial screening / paint screening to Kiyoni's face. I'm glad that the descriptions helped you "see" the accessories better. (BTW, one of those silver necklaces is a chocker and the other is a "silver" chain with an elongated cat at the end of it. Super cute.

    I went on a big-time doll and action figure buying binge after my Father died.

    Good luck working on healing. I've got some fixing in that sense, myself. Only mine is a self-administered kick in the butt.