Monday, November 14, 2011

Facebook, Dolls, and Sewing for Dolls

The more I read of Eli Perrizer's book, "The Filter Bubble" the more Obnoxious and creepy I am finding companies like Google and Facebook to be. I have never had a desire to join Facebook. For one thing, there seem to be a lot of people who use it to say inappropriate, rude, or cruel things about others. If you want to air your dirty laundry in public, go for it, but I don't want to read it.

For another thing, a Facebook user may have the problem of "being Friended" by someone they don't really Want as a Friend, because it might be too hurtful, too unwise in terms of job or other necessary relationships, or just too embarrassing to say NO.

As the author of "The Filter Bubble", Mr. Perrizer, said, Facebook's assumption is that we each only have One Identity. I think That is Ridiculous! Do I act the same way around my friends and when helping someone I don't know get information about Social Security Disability? Do I act the same way in a classroom as I do when slightly tipsy at a party? Do I talk with my family about religion, politics, or dolls?

Nevertheless, when I had the money to buy more dolls than I do now I used to buy some from and Paul David, who might have been the man, or one of the people behind this website. This gentleman has kindly invited me to become a Friend on Facebook to see his pictures. My Guess is that they are pictures of lovely dolls. I wrote back to him, explaining that I am blind and that I would actually Love to see his pictures, but cannot. I have not heard from him again, but Facebook keeps reminding me of this opportunity.

So, if any of you wish to check out this gentleman's Facebook page, it might be possible, depending on his privacy settings. If his pictures are doll pictures then I think they would be Worth seeing.

Today I received two Muslim dolls from an Ebay seller. I haven't had time to check them out thoroughly, but one sings, the other wears hijab, though I haven't figured out exactly how her head scarf covers all of her long, unpinned and unbraided hair. On the news I have only heard of black or dark blue hijab. So is tthe news media just focussed on Iran and Afghanistan, or are the dolls deliberately dressed in more colorful hijab to appeal to Muslims in the West? I don't know, but am glad to be given this chance to learn about another kind of clothing.

Have been sewing more lately for dolls, and enjoying it. Must ask someone sighted to help me by using a substance made to limit raveling of shreddy (is that a word?) material. This is something I can't do and the tlitz and glammor fabrics (satin, brocade, silk,) DO tend to Shred!

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