Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Something Serious and a Comment for Phily Collector

People everywhere are closing their accounts with the big Wall Street banks.
If you're ready to join in, sign the Move Your Money pledge.
Sign the pledge
Dear MoveOn member,
The big Wall Street banks crashed our economy, refused to clean up the mess, and
still haven't been held accountable.
Now the Occupy movement has inspired people everywhere to take action in protest
a lot of us have realized there's something we can do to fight back: close our accounts
and move our money out of the big Wall Street banks
and into community banks and credit unions.
This week, in the lead-up to the November 5 Make Wall Street Pay day of action targeting
the giant banks, we've set up a new "Move Your Money Pledge." Our goal is to get
as many people as possible pledging to close their accounts with the big banks.
Are you ready to show the Wall Street banks that we're going to hold them accountable
If you're ready to stop banking with Wall Street—or if you already have—click here
to sign the Move Your Money pledge:
Yes, I want to sign the Move Your Money pledge.
By signing the pledge you'll be able to turn your private choice as a bank customer
into a powerful public display of outrage and protest by joining tens of thousands
of others who are ready to switch banks and close accounts.
We have resources available to help you find a new bank and a guide for how to go
through the process of closing an account. Whether it's a spare credit card, a savings
account, or your personal checking, every account counts.
If we can get a huge number of accounts closed at the major banks we'll certainly
impact their bottom line, but we'll also do something even more powerful—we'll
send them a very clear message that the public's outrage is only growing stronger
and that we're not going to let them off the hook
for the damage they've done to our economy.
Can you sign the pledge and close an account?
Yes, I'll sign the pledge.
Thanks for all you do.
–Daniel, Elena, Robin, Stefanie, and the rest of the team
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your contact info, please visit:
To remove yourself (Teresa Myers) from this list, please visit our subscription management
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I thought this was interesting, it IS One Way to Talk which Wallstreet Will understand. My money is already in a bank which only exists in a couple of states anyway.

Now for that Phily Collector of 1/6 scale action figures and fashion dolls. I wish I could have read the comments you received, but logger, in its wisdom wouldn't let me. I'll bet a quarter or so (didn't say how Much money was in a local bank) that if you had typed that word in your "labels" Your post would have been censored, too, YUCK!

Must display my ignorance again. Through your blog I have discovered Power Team. But who are Lady Mission and Girls Mission figures? Are they done in the anime style? See, I Am trainable! When I get help with spelling I do Try to remember the corection, for which I am thankful. Not quite a zombie yet.

The cat I inherited from Ann has this habit of beating my backside, from behind my chair when he decides it is time to be fed. Little wretch is doing it how, takes some practice to ignore! I'm Glad that his Front paws are declawed, otherwise my, (dare I type that word?) would be quite covered in scratches.

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  1. Oh, the comments were fairly mild, if you mean the ones for the post on the other N word. LOL. I didn't post the word in my labels wink.

    Lady Mission and Girls Mission figures are done close to real. Normal sized heads - just HUGE hands. Man hands, some have described the LM and GM figures of having. Detailed breasts, lol. Bad hair - I mean their hair isn't smooth. The hair is straight and a little coarse.
    Poseable, but the feet seem loosely attached.

    You a zombie? LOL. Can't imagine that. See me after a long day of typing, that is your standard zombie. The Ladys Mission and the Girls Mission aren't grammatically correct in English - They omit the apostrophes. I leave the titles as they are written though so that search engines and other mechanical things can add my words, etc. to their hoard.