Monday, November 7, 2011

Screaming at Ebay

Sometimes there are just these Days! I went to the Dr. last week and was told to get decent shoes (not from garage sale or a "mart" store) or face increasing pain and difficulty in walking. I got the shoes, shot my budget for the month.

Person who helped me find shoes was Great! I didn't know what size I wore, between a six and seven, depending on the cut of the shoe. Wrong, just Over a seven, seven and a half. Got help with insoles to put feet in correct poositions for use. Called to give the person an Excelent rating, which he had earned. I am glad to give credit when dredit is due. In order to Complete the survey via phone, I was required to type in bboth the Store number and the Transaction number from my paper receipt. I can't Read the thing, had to hang up and wait a couple of days for a sighted person to come.

Online survey at same store requires use of a Rodent (mouse)! I can't Use a damned Rodent! Good thing there was a sighted person Here when I tried to take Online survey. I've learned that much, most of the time.

Then there was/is Ebay. Bid on an item, got E-mail confirmation of the bid. But Ebay site is still urging people to bid more than the original price, Not more than my bid, why? Oh well. Just before item is out of time, I increased my bid $.50, to try and keep it. Ebay never recorded this change, ok, saved me fifty cents.

Today I'm confused, do I owe seller the bid Ebay confirmed? They show only that I owe starting price. I could say, fine, saves me a buck. But did seller get notification of increased first bid from me? I try to contact seller through Ebay link. Doesn't work. I wait until sighted person comes. I send message to seller, but don't know if it goes through because Ebay has a sentence saying message will be sent After I pay for item. But what is fair Amount to pay for item, my confirmed first bid, or Ebay's price listing, as though I had Never made a bid?

Try to pay for item, sighted friend had to leave. Made the mistake of giving a dollar to charitable org. via Ebay. Got all tangled up in there Giving pages, next page wouldn't download, I don't know why.

Called Ebay customer service number. Person suggests I use a different computer after I have Already explained that I am Blind! I explain that if I don't use a talking computer I cannot use any computer at all, no point in causing More confusion by mentioning Braille output. She is so sorry to hear that I am Blind! I wait while she consults supervisor. She comes back to suggest that I ask a family member to help me. My frustration level is growing by leaps and bounds! I say, "What you're saying is I'm out of luck until I get a sighted person to help me. Ok, thank you". (notice the lack of obscenities? not Easy.) I hang up quietly.

I don't give a Rip if someone is sorry or Not that I am blind Or Deaf-blind, for that matter. What I feel angry enough to Scream about is that Ebay makes billions, is a world-wide company with headquarters in California, and Can't Bring Itself to set up an Accessible Site, like Amazon has had for Years!

I had the same lack of access to Before Progressive organizations try to Change the world, they Might Consider just Following the law of the land (called Americans with Disabilities Act) and either making their Normal websites accessible Or setting up special Accessible sites, as Amazon has. They Might Start by changing Themselves, so All people who Wish to could Participate in their activities. is nearly always accessible. It IS Possible!

As they say in the Zarks (Ozarks) I feel mad enough to spit nails!) Every time I deal with Ebay Something happens so that I have to call their customer service number, and that activity is Mostly Useless! Shall I tell you what I Really think?e

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  1. Yay for finding a helpful shoe salesman! That sounds like a good experience.

    eBay - oh. Well. I've got mixed feelings about eBay. On the one hand, they have lots of stuff. They are a recognized source. I submitted a doll guide about the Mixis dolls on eBay today. Can't find it just yet, but that might be because it takes time to show up. Shrug. Sigh.

    Your experience though is an eye opener. (Ouch, bad pun alert!) I mean she is SORRY that you are blind. Wince. I could imagine she "meant well" but she should more appropriately be sorry that her company did not have a workable solution. Keystroke combination instead of a Rodent one. (Come to think of it, there ought to be a keystroke solution anyway - sometimes, pulling down on the Rodent, I get pains in my wrist.)

    Shame that eBay's lack of preparation (having keystrokes or other method for blind users) slows down payment exchange.