Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas and After

Spent some time yesterday with a kind friend who also did not want to be alone on Christmas. It helped. Instead of Christmas traditional we had a small block of cheese with sun dried tomatoes and pesto on crackers or blue corn chips, coffee with sugar-free flavored syrup, and pumpkin butter cake. We listened to one another's favorite songs, some of them, and discussed how creative people in hideous circumstances were. It began because I was researching unusual instruments. My friend plays a psaltery (hope that spelling is right.) I enjoyed listening to it and a lap harp I have which she played with a cheat sheet under the strings. I told her about some of the instruments made by the blues artist Super Chickan, including a six string Didly Bow, a Chickantar (guitar using a gas can for a body, if I understand right) and the car muffler used in a concert by Homemade Jamz Blues Band, which blew up during concert, yet they were Still able to perform. We talked about how African American slaves were forcibly separated from their musical instruments and how (talking drums) work. They found a way to beat on shipping crates at different places on the crates, to create messages. My friend is a metal worker and has worked with wood, cardboard, many materials, to make three dimensional designs for classes. She decided to make a didly bow. Sorry about my spelling, I haven't read this instrument's name in Braille.

When she left I felt like a smothering blanket settled on me. I sang a couple of songs from my "venting tape" and it helped a bit. Then I ate more cake than I should and napped, Bad Combination! But when I woke, about an hour later, I felt some better. By the end of the day I was reading, sewing and drinking green tea which was flavored. The plain stuff just tastes like drinking the front yard and I don't like it.

Whoever sent me E-mails with no name attached, just a string of numbers should know I delete All e-mails without a name I recognize. Also, if I Do recognize the name and open the mail I Won't click on an eclosed link, unless its purpose is clearly explained. I Don't Appreciate such mail and also Delete it!

Staying away from stores today, no interest in fighting through after Christmas sales, exchanges and complaints, etc.

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