Friday, December 2, 2011

Things to Like and Not!

Things that drive me nuts! Fifty pound dog learning from ten (at least) pound cat how to Jump onto the bed when he's Bored! Scares the sh-- out of me when sleeping! Ten pound cat (see above) Thundering across top of bed, just over my head when he Wants food, whether I'm Trying to sleep or not. Scares the . . . you get the idea. Same person, having No emergency, calling me Three times a night! Annoys the . . . of me. Emptying the cat's latrine, grosses me out as is full of . . . Gag!
Same doll faces, just new paint jobs. (Beats the H out of Latrine duty though!) Dolls meant for three year-olds when dolls are dressed like sex workers.

It Creeps me Out going out in the dark, (when they let the dangerous bipeds, (like us but dangerous) lose. Must do this to take out dog.

Things I like, learning something new, trying new food, reading, sewing, new doll faces, cool feeling fabrics, learning about other peoples, customs, songs, music. Walking two miles with a friend, (when wind isn't ripping face off bones. Gardening, often, harvesting, Always. First touch of Sun on face in the morning, smell of rain. Beading, designing doll clothes and bead patterns myself, (but much more time consuming than using someone Elses pattern). New doll or human hair styles. Bird winding, playing tape of canaries singing makes my canary try to outsing them and the finches shout. I think they miss it. Sometimes when I feed and water they begin the shout and I swear they're telling me to start the tape. And, for better or worse, dogs and often cats.

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