Monday, December 12, 2011

Comfort Books

In order Not to have more comfort foods than I Do, I substitute dolls, and books. Ann and I read the Harry Potter series in audio because, of course, there was a major effort to ban these books from some local libraries. Ban a book, you make people Want to read it to see Why! And although a comentator on the BBC stated that he just Couldn't understand What an adult could see in these books, Ann and I enjoyed them thoroughly. They are full of normal kid behavior to make one laugh, as well as good basic concepts, what helps us face fears, when something good is accomplished, a sacrifice is usually made by someone, NO, Not a Blood sacrifice, get a grip. They also demonstrate how kids' friendships change over the years and how these difficult changes can be dealt with. Lessons like, you can be driven mad by your desires for the future and forget to live today, are also there. Besides, I had a house parent at blind school who reminds me Very much of Delores Umbridge, a Great name for the type.

My two comfort series are quite different. I wish the last book in the Harry Potter series had been divided into two books, with more detail. But it is what I think of as my "kid comfort series." And J. R. R. Tolkein's "Lord of the Rings" trilogy is my "teenage comfort series." Ann Loved the beauty of Tolkein's Elvish, and so do I. I love parts of his "The Sylmarillion" (Sorry, never read thi title in Braille) not just for the interesting mythology, but for the beauty of the language!

So right now, as this depressing Christmas draws near without Ann's presence to share it with, I'm sewing and rereading " Harry Potter" series whenever I get the chance. a Comfort book and pleasant activity, whenever I get the chance.

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