Thursday, December 15, 2011

Native American dolls WHERE?

For Months now I have been searching for a Native American doll which a blind child can play with! Ain't none, at least, Not so Far. Most of the Native American or "Indian" series Barbies (2 different series) don't look Native American. And the doll I'm looking for would, ideally be larger anyway. It's kind of Hard to hug a Barbie, hard plastic, and too small if you are over 4 or so.

The problem I keep running into is, new paint job, SAME FACES! Ok, it saves the company money, I get it, but Really! My doll expert who has been Incredibly patient has helped me look through Amazon, (lots of cute Native babies there, even one with an older face.) American Girl, Out of the Question money wise, Hearts for Hearts Girls, (contributing to the charity World Vision) Paradise Galleries, (beautiful face sculpts, but hair can't be handled much or brushed at all, upper arms and legs are sometimes wire covered with stuffing and cloth, could break if moved too much) Journey Girls, (good substitute for American Girl for about one third the price, except that price has gone up $5 or more this week for Late Christmas shoppers. No Native Americans and the Same Basic Face Shape, but different hair.) So far, the Only possibilities are at Dolls Like Me, and Maybe Ebay, but they need a good eyeballing from the patient pro. Oh, I've also checked BFC Inc. (Best Friends Club, Inc.) large dolls. No Native Americans, but two differing face shapes. Karito Kids, a doll from Mexico, no Native dolls.

Of course, the reality is that all Kinds of people have Native ancestry. There are Latino Native Americans, African American Native Americans, European looking Native Americans, and Asian American Native Americans, and every other kind of Native person I may have left out. What I am looking for is a minimum 13 inch, maximum 22 inch doll whose Native ancestry shows, as in dark, mostly straight hair, a skin tone somewhere in the medium range, and a pair of dark hazel, or brown eyes. Ideally, the doll would have a face in which Some Native ancestry showed, and it Could be Played With by Touch!

Carpatina has a doll they call a "Japanese school girl" with auburn hair and hazel eyes, hu? And this doll looks, according to both the pro doll expert And Dolls Like Me, like a racially mixed person with some Native ancestry. She may be my choice, or a "multi-ethnic" Corolle doll who looks like a Native American, Pacific Islander, Southeast Asian, (she could pass as any of these) according to Dolls Like Me, a cool site. This doll is a bit small at 13 tall, but she may have to do.

I noticed an interesting thing while doing this search. There are NO Native American Boys or Male dolls. I remember the author Vine DeLoria, Jr. (Standing Rock Sioux) who wrote "Custer Died for Your Sins" and many other books, writing that Native men were viewed as wild animals, wild life, and therefore dangerous. True in dolly land. There are some dancing Native male action figures but Coco`um is the only Native male doll I have seen who has been allowed to grow beyond 6 inches tall. From the statics onasaults on Native women by non-Native men, I think we can Guess what Native Girls are thought to be.

And people wonder why there is a "self-image problem" among Native kids?

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