Sunday, December 18, 2011

Unwanted Visitor, Bleeping Smoke Detector, obnoxious calls, This Weekend

Sucky weekend. Friday night I was cooking a pot of chili in a slow cooker left on all night. It hasn't done this before, probably because I had slow cooker sitting on cabinet, not stove. But smoke detector kept bleeping, as if it was giving low battery warning all night. Even this bleep was loud. The dog freaked, jumping and waking up scared every time the damned thing went off.

I spent more than an hour movint a step stool down the hallway and climbing up to feel the walls and ceilings in the area where smoke detector Should be. Zilch. Found a defunct doorbell speaker, all of the lights I already knew about, no smoke detector. No sleep either!

Sat. night, for the Second Sat. night running, a man I don't know came to our door. I opened door on chain, he just stood there. Finally I said "What do you want?" and he guessed he got the wrong house. Dog barked when the man came to door. And as soon as door was opened on chain, stuck his nose out. Yeah dog!

For the week in between these weekends, I have been getting calls where person won''t identify themselves. I let answering machine pick it up, just noise, always noise in background, someone thumping on table or desk where their phone is, etc. left on machine. Calls were every 2 to 3 hours, from around 8 A.M. to nearly 11:00 P.M.

Finally in rage, as I happened to be nearest phone, I snatched it up near end of a hard week, and snaped "Stop calling me!" Calls stopped, except for the morning one.

But today got two calls again.

Sat. a kind friend came over helped me find smoke detectors, in not usual places. Battery tested all of them, they are fine. No more putting slow cooker on plug behind stove. But at least now I can find all detectors.

Will call phone company tomorrow, switch my number, get Talking caller I.D.?

Today a friend came over to check outdoor lights (not suficient but used) were working and grill over window still in place. Unclear communication led to me missing Christmas concert in which my niece had a solo. Sleep? Not enough.

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  1. The second visit of that man and the phone calls together would leave me uneasy. This might sound sexist, but do you think having a male voice on your answering system - if you use one - might put off the obnoxious caller? And maybe have a male friend over when that suspicious visitor drops by.

    Take care ... only one you - smile.