Friday, December 23, 2011

Joy to the World,
All the boys and girls now,
Joy to the Christmas shoppers at a mall,
We're so glad we ain't with you all!

This was a harmonized answering machine message which Ann and I used to do between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It still makes me smile, even though I have no one to sing harmony with. Of course, for you young ones, it was sung to "Joy to the World" by the rock group Three Dog Night.

I am Grateful for some pleasant memories which help me to survive Christmas, so far. This is one of them.

Sometime during this Fall National Public Radio (NPR) had a "What is your favorite sound" question. The sounds people submitted tended to be more complex than one of my most favorite sounds. I love the sound of a floppy-eared dog shaking its head. I don't know why, perhaps because my two Seeing Eye Dogs were both Labradors, but that particular sound always makes me happy. It's funny when a little dog does this, because the sound is so Different than big ears flapping.

I also love the sound of our Mourning Doves flying. It's a funny sound, unlike any other. Kind of like a tiny helicopter taking off, but another totally unique sound.

It's cold here now, and every night I am Thankful for Heat and a roof over my head. I hope my small food donations have helped someone eat better. I try to donate throughout the year, but once the gardens die back I really pay more attention to it.

With the economy in its current state, think I will have a garden with some friens this year. But for now it is wonderful to have a warm bed to sleep in. Some of our nights have Been "three dog nights" (it takes three dogs sleeping around you to keep you warm).

I read a book once which described this season of the year well. Read it as a kid, so cannot remember the name properly. The book said that Christmas tore poor families to pieces. All the things you wish for your kids and can't provide, all of the special foods other people have, all of the warm family relationships shown on TV or in store windows, etc. For those who, for emotional or physical reasons will be Enduring Christmas, my heart is with you.
That is why
I wish each of you the best Christmas you can have, or the best Hanukkah or Kwaanza. I hope things turn out Better than you expect!

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  1. I started following your blog a little while back, but only in recent months have I started reading the bulk of your posts. And I have many things I wish to convey to you, but I wasn't sure how. Some things feel too private to post in a comment and I don't have your e-mail. But what I will say is that while reading your entries my heart has both broken and mended. Thank you for allowing me and others to journey with you through this often turbulent growth you are experiencing. I find it both beautiful and painful, but in reading of your growth I am growing too. From the bottom of my heart I hope you stay warm, and find smiles this holiday season. I also wish for the new year to continue bringing new and positive things for you. I am blessed and grateful this year more than I have ever been and you will be in my thoughts this holiday season. I look forward to seeing all your posts from this point forward. You're stronger than you realize. Often times the strongest people are fully unaware of that strength. Again, thank you for sharing so much of yourself. You touched my life this year, in a positive way.