Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Unwelcome Visit, Snow

Last night a man I don't know came to the door at about 8:00 P.M. He said he was here to meet Another man I don't know. I explained, truthfully, that I sometimes got calls for this person but had never met him. This was a rent house, I said, rented at the end of last June, and I had never met the person he was looking for. The guy didn't sound like he believed me and I was left wondering if he planned to come back later.

I am used to hearing nothing at night, when I usually remove my hearing aids. But slept with a hearing aid in, jumping at every noise, (furnace coming on, cat moving about) and had bad dreams. All I could think about was drugs not delivered by the person being looked for. Bad night.

But I'm ok today, mostly. This is our first snow, (not much either) and Ann died under the snow. Hard to avoid thinking about it as I go outside, hoping it hasn't covered all sidewalks, yet. Sometime this Winter it will. Sucks! But I've lived through it before, probably will again.

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