Friday, July 1, 2011

After the Move

Post June 21, 2011

Woke up this morning too depressed to move, stayed in bed for half an hour before could Make myself get up. I've been through two rounds of chemotherapy and they have effected my colon, though they have Also saved my life! It's been five and a half years since my last chemo. session.

I can't use the bathroom without drinking lots of water, moving around some (work or exercise) and two mugs of strong coffee in the morning. Coffee has also become a wonderful comfort food. A friend told me that the way you can tell a coffee addict is if it Calms you down, rather than reving you up. By that standard I'm an addict although I usually just have two mugs per day.

Haven't had coffee for a couple of days now. Remember when you were a kid and all of those commercials about "irregularity" seemed funny? So do I. Now I'm sorry I laughed. I didn't know any better, but it's Not funny.

My legs are decorated with a number of sore scrapes from open heavy box flaps, running into the outdoor swing set at the side of the house, (I put the thing together Backwards last night, luckily, it won't be hard to reverse) and the high front step onto my stoop.

I just Couldn't face Another day!

No coffee filters to be found, only plug in is directly above the gas stove, I'll make coffee on the stove? But with no filters, will it ruin the machine? I called my sister. She could hear my frustration, when I said I couldn't Find sh—and I was tired of people saying how lucky I was to have moved. She also heard that I was frustrated that some things were left behind which should have come here, and some things should have stayed at the former rent house, so I wouldn't have to add extra minutes to the cell phone to call a cab, etc. But we Agreed that the Volunteer movers, working on a Limited time schedule, did a Great thing for me! And, to be fair, everyone was running in and out asking questions about what went where so fast, I may be responsible for some of the confusion.

Then my sister reminded me how our great grandmother used to boil water with coffee grounds in it, let the grounds settle to the bottom, and pour off the coffee. I found a big stainless steel pan and filled my 4-cup coffee pot to get the right amount of water. And I had Coffee! Eating that and a home made gluten free biscuit with cream cheese nearly made me cry with happiness! It still Does, an hour later.

I couldn't pour from the big pan into a coffee mug, so I dipped out the first cup with a measuring cup I found, then drank from the pan. I feel Much Better!

It's amazing how the Right little things can Help!

Time to get on the step stool and put things on high shelves of cabinets and maybe move some furniture. I haven't had a carpeted house to live in for Years. Moving furniture on carpet is Much more work than putting "sliders" under it and scooting it across a wood floor or linoleum.

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