Monday, July 18, 2011

"Winter's Bone" the book

Movie and book were Very close. I suppose the scenery in the movie must have been starkly beautiful, because it was described Perfectly in the book.

You know, it is bizarre how people always say wood smoke curling up from an old house in the hills or women beating clothes against rocks to wash them are Romantic. It's Not romantic to sleep in a bedroom where ice coats the Inside of the window, it's COLD! I spent some time with a family in Northeast Indiana who had dairy cattle. The thing Most crucial in the morning was to set a land speed record for putting on your clothes so you could Get to the wood stove and warm up. Thank heavens they Did have showers, which is what you took Before Bed, hoping the heat would last until you fell asleep. They also had a gas stove for cooking.

What Ree, the main character of "Winter's Bone" had to do to prove her father had died was horrendous. I was glad she had some place in her head to retreat to.

And I was Very sad when she said good-bye to Uncle Teardrop, because he was her last living male relative, who was willing to stand up for her.

You do what you have to do until you can't anymore. A book well worth reading. I will look for more by this author, but don't know what kind of chance I have of finding them in audio format.

Personal note: The cat ran away today. Front storm door frame flexes with the door, needs screwed back into the building, so for now if I lock it, it doesn't open. Glad for other security measures for Wooden door and he dog. Had to take dog outside through the messy garage Cat has been slipping out between my feet and gradually discovering the outside. He never ran away when my partner Ann was alive.

It was at least 100 degrees heat index today and he was gone about 8 hours. Finally, when I took the dog out again or bathroom break, I took the cat's bowl, called and shook it. Heard a terrified yowl which didn't Sound like my cat at all. But knew if it Was my cat he wouldn't be afraid of the dog.

So the dog and I backed up a foot or so and I put the bowl on the ground. One Hot cat which had the kind of tags mine is wearing came up.

I hugged him, grabbed the bowl and carried him inside while he struggled.

He was Ann's cat and I still have a Lot to do from the move, catching up on Dr. appointments, etc. I just don't seem to have the time to give him the attention he needs and he Resents sharing the bed with the dog.

Giving him treats seems Not to be rewarding him for coming back, but Teaching him it's ok to run off.

I may lose a cat-adoring friend over it, but am going to try and adopt him out to a Good home. I feel responsible for him, but cannot see or hear him. Letting him go will be a change for me. Always before I've kept the animals I adopted until they died of old age.

It will be sad to let Ann's cat go, but I think he will eventually be happier, with a true cat lover and a safer, hopefully bigger, fenced yard, if he's going to be an indoor-outdoor cat.

I love dogs, medium to large, and like most all animals, including cats. But if I had a small or even medium sized dog who could sneak away and did so, I would have to do the same thing. Although I'll be sad to let him go, there will be a hole where his presence used to be, it will be a Relief not to have to worry about him each time I open a door. Tonight when I fed the dog he ran out into the garage and won't come in. I fed and watered him as soon as I found him this afternoon, then gave him a regular supper later. Since he won't come in, I hope he enjoys the garage and that there is nothing poisonous out there for him to eat. Varmit!

He's a drama queen but that's a story for another day. Good night.

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