Thursday, July 21, 2011


The sound monitor in front of my talking alarm clock signals the bed shaker alarm to wake me up. First thing, put in "behind the ear" hearing aids.

Vibrating pager goes off when phone rings, as there is only one phone jack here. Not sure how to hook up answering machine to my amplified phone, E-mail works better for communication.

Grab fanny pack with amplified, large button cell phone before taking dog outside. Luckily, dog is not only guard and friend, but Dogbell also.

Fannypack also contains extra hearing aide batteries.

Haven't found extra loud smoke detector yet. When I do, I will climb on step stool and put it in place of ordinary one.

Use so many batteries for so many things, have invested in a solar battery charger and recharceable batteries of several sizes.

If not sure whether a friend has left on a light or not, use talking color detector as light detector also.

Have been fighting a battle with the DVD remote. To get the player to move from one episode of a show to another, at the moment, must open DVD holding tray and gently close again. I Don't know why. But in This way, I think I have Mastered the wretched thing!

Use "Pocket Talker" to listen to TV. Point micraphone in right direction, wear comfortable earphones. Works better for me than those FM. wireless transmiters.

TV is mostly Stupid, so read audio books, turn up volume on computer speakers when typing or reading with it, etc. Haven't had a chance to walk all of the way around the house with TV deliberately left loud, for soundproof analysis of house. So use "Pocket Talker" wich will also pick up conversation in room and other noises, to listen to DVD.s.

I am Thankful for the hearing I Do have, withoug aids I'm deaf, with them, Much improved!

Also I am Very thankful for the adaptive techniques I learned as a blind person, mark the oven with masking tape on the metal where the "off" position is. Then mark 250, 350, and 450 on dial. Match up markings to set oven, same for washer and dryer.

Touch pan handle to see if liquid is boiling, since I cannot hear it now. Use Braille timer and carry it into room with me. It, at least, has No batteries!

Have lit incense carefully and successfully for years, cooked, done laundry, cleaned, though occasionally miss a spot. Am having help relearning some of these things, with help of healthcare aide. The Worst is vacuuming! Have to lay the carpet mentally out in a grid pattern, vacuum each square one way, then the other direction (vertically and then horizontally) to try and get all dog fur up. Still sometimes miss some, same with broom sweeping.

Must use all talking appliances on loudest volume, answering machine is always turned up full blast.
Have an extra loud doorbell, haven't unpacked it yet. Use tactile markings on tape measure and self-threading needles to mend clothes. Use "Pen Friend" to mark colors of spools of thread and still need to see if I can use it to mark bobbins for sewing machine with seam guide.

I need to learn to speak ASL (American Sign Language) but will have to have individual tutor and probably buy DVD. series or book, (in Print, of course) to learn this language used by many deaf-blind people. Haven't done this yet. For most deaf-blind people, the struggle is learning adaptive techniques for coping with blindness. They must learn Braille, which bears no resemblance to print, except for using the same alphabet. I will learn AS, which is a different language than spoken or signed English.

These are all ways in which Some deaf-blind people function. All of these devices can be found online, or through Rehab. agencies for the blind and some such as ASL books can be found through Rehab. agencies serving the deaf.

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