Friday, July 1, 2011

Newby 13 is lonely for the Net. It's been two weeks now and there are posts saved up just Waiting to Burst out! As long as they don't go anywhere, it only helps Some to write them. No e-mails from friends either. And I Might have some time Off, July 4th! Maybe I can get the dishes washed, make posts, (If I can get back on line tomorrow) and have some time to catch up on Sleep.

Every time I lay down for "just a minute" I'm Out for at least an hour and a half Minimum.

Southern Mo. Is Very hot these days, no rain near me for weeks and heat index above 100 F. People are being asked to donate box fans or cash to buy box fans for those in the homeless shelter in Springfield. Radio from there covers quite a distance.

When we were kids the box fan was a Treasured item and whoever got to sleep Closest to it was Envied and fought with for that coveted space. We did a lot of work outside, under the trees. No trees around the shelter in Springfield, probably, .

I miss the lovely trees at my former rent house, there are none here, though I am Gifted with air conditioning.

When I awoke after passing out for "just a minute" this evening, I was Totally disoriented. Kept making the turns I would have made in the Old rent house to find the same rooms in This one. Couldn't seem to wake up enough for a while to get the new spetial map I'm constructing in my head of this new place. It was scary! I knew where I was, but couldn't bring the memory of my mental map online. Glad I don't have to keep going back and forth between houses now, this should help.

With the Very Hard work of a sighted friend, I Have Internet service Today, July 1, Yeah!

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