Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I have pets, so I wash my hands a lot. Birds can carry diseases to mamals which eat them. So though neither my cat nor my dog are interested in eating the canary and his two finch buddies, I always wash my hands after feeding, watering, or cleaning the cage, of the birds. Cats and humans can trade colds and flu. I wash my hands after changing the cat's food or water bowls. And dogs, my favorite animals, are sometimes just Gross, another reason to wash up.

But after my partner died I was so out of it for a while and then so busy coping with all that had to be done that I Stopped washing organic veggies from our local health food store. My possibly foolish reasoning was, "I used to eat things right out of the garden, swallowed a bug or two by accident, and that didn't hurt me. So what will a bit of dirt on organic veggies do?" So far, the answer is Nothing.

I uses to make home made eggnog with raw eggs, too. But after learning about the lives of laying hens at factory farms, and with all of the E-coli (or is it E-Koli? Haven't read That word in Braille) outbreaks I Don't do that anymore.

I try to follow te dietary reccomendations of Dr. David Servan-Schreiber, M.D. in his book, "Anticancer: a New Way of Life". This means I eat a lot of dark organic greens raw, collards, kale, etc. and broccoli. If it has a strong enough flavor, (I love chapotle and other peppers) I like dipping these veggies in hummus. Not having to rense them, dry them, then eat them saves a lot of time. I also buy organic apples as a treat, because I Really like eating the peal.

I have a friend, Highly alergic

to penicillin who cannot eat chicken bought from a store at all. She has a reaction to that drug from Cooked chicken.

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