Monday, July 4, 2011

Fourth of July, Independence Day

I am thankful to live in this country where I can say what I want and belong to the religious views of my choice. Thank all of you Veterans for serving and I pray that All of you will come home safe and Receive the assistance you need.

Dear Mr. President, Dear members of Congress, both Democrat and Republican!

Whenever our young men and womenn go to war YOU are CHOOSING to take on a DEBT, for at Least ONE GENERATION! Do you know or Care that One in every Five homeless people in this country is a Veteran? You Should.

When we ask our young people to put their minds and bodies at risk for us and they come home Wounded, in body or mind or Both, You, as well as WE are Responsible for Helping them.

The wars (three now, at least) in which you have Chosen to engage are putting people in situations where the friend looks just Like the "enemy".

My father fought in Korea and walked through the snows on mountains in a Cast. My uncle, (only 9 years older than me) fought in Vietnam. They both came home changed forever and it took my uncle years to be able to live a fairly normal life. By then, of course, he was ill from Agent Orange and other chemicals dropped in Vietnam.

He came home to be spit on and be called a "baby killer".

Fellow Americans, Wake Up! Don't you know that in Any War All Kinds of people die? Yes, babies, mothers, grandmothers, grandfathers, and children. So Look at what War Really Is and Stop blaming the Veterans, the President, or the Congress!

Did you and I Vote for a President, Senator, oor Representative who wanted war? Unfortunately, I voted for President Obama, in the belief that he would try to keep us Out of More wars and bring our Service men and women Home. I was wrong. (Grown-ups Can change their minds.)

I think the "War Powers Act" should be envoked, forcing President Obama to get Congressional approval for our war in Libya.

All of you in Congress who whine and tantrum about debt, how much is the war in Libya costing us per day? Why are you mostly Going Along with it?

An executive of a multinational corporation earned nineteen Million dollars last year. Who Deserves Nineteen Million dollars a year while Veterans are homeless and there is talk of cutting social programs for seniors and people with Disabilities? Get a Grip, people! My Oncologist, who helped to save my Life and those of Others didn''t make anything Close to Nineteen Million Dollars last year.

I think our Government has been in the control of multi-national companies, who have no more loyalty to our country than to Mexico, China, or any other place where they export jobs. This means we need a Grass Roots Movement of "Everyday People" to say ENOUGH. Otherwise, what does it matter if the President, Senator, or Representative in Washington is a Democrat or a Republican or a Tea Party activist?

I say ENOUGH of the ridiculous Supreme Court decision that a corporation (which may have no particular loyalty to our United States) has All of the Rights of an individual Citizen of our nation. And ENOUGH to asking our soldiers to kill civilians in Libya, Without the approval of either the American people Or Congress, in order to "protect civilians."

Our Veterans deserve to have that money spent for "regime change" in Libya spent on Their Medical Care and Housing!

And ENOUGH to CEO's salaries of nineteen million dollars per year and More, which "cannot be taxed without hurting economic growth." They Aren't facing any taxes Now and do You see our economy growing by leaps and bounds? I don't!

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