Thursday, October 11, 2012

Angry! Vice-Presidential Debates

Do all candidates for president and vice-president assume the poor don't vote and therefore don't count?  Or in this election cycle are they assuming all poor voters will vote for President Obama?  If so, they're idiots.I will vote for President Obaama, most of the people I know won't.

I miss Rev. Sharpton, at Least he asked some Relevant questions!  I am sorry if I misspelled his name.

All they Ever talk about is the "middle class".  No one has answered the question, (and they almost never do) "How will you help those living at or below the poverty level who want jobs and a chance for healthcare, decent food, education, etc.?"  I guess Those people ar in Governor Romney's 47% that it's not His responsibility to care for.  But what about President Obama?  Does he take my vote for granted?  Probably.

Beef number 2.  Is all human life sacred or not?  I had a friend who used to ask, "What happens to "Jerry's kids" when they grow up?"  She had muscular distrophy and due to a number of circumstances, ended up committing suicide. 

Ann considered both suicide and deliberately blinding herself, Very Seriously, because if she was totally blind she would get a bit more money to live on. 

I am FOR a woman's Right to choose an abortion if her child will be born with disabilities she and/or her partner, (male or female) are not willing to handle.  This doesn't mean I think all of us with disabilities deserve to be killed.

But disabled children are at least twice as likely to be abused.  Many of us Never find work.  After my college graduation I went to three states looking for work and quit counting job app.s after 150.  I was too disabled to sell lightbulbs, by the way.

Finally I was hired as a Rehabilitation Teacher for the newly blind.  I began having trouble understanding some of my clients and lost that job two years before the ADA was passed.

I worked as best I could with hearing aids selling subscriptions for Public TV, but was fired because I wouldn't harrass people to give.  Also, I wouldn't lie to them about taking their suggestions for future programming and passing them along.  Those suggestions went into the circular file.  And last, I was told just to hang up on old people with quavery sounding voices.  They didn't have much money but at that time they contributed their ten or fifteen dollars in large numbers.  I thought this policy was wrong.

I have employed myself since in trying to heal and in taking care of others.

Bottom line:  You Shouldn't be able to have it Both ways!  Only the embryo is sacred but the disabled child and adult is not?  Who am I to tell a woman she Must bear a child with disabilities when she or others may torture the child, abandon it, or  allow it to live in poverty and pain throughout its life?  Why does this never come up?  We know we are more vulnerable to being killed as adults by people who don't believe what we say.  When I was last in the hospital (years ago, Thankfully,) a nurse was planning to give me a psychotropic drug.  Luckily she named it and I said it was Not a drug prescribed for me.  When I  asked what it was for the answer was "It'll just help you sleep."  I said I was already on pain killers from my surgery and didn't need help sleeping.  I stated that they should check my prescription list because they wouldn't find it there.  I owe her Much for Listening and checking both the Dr.'s orders and my medication list.  Some nurses would have just sneaked it in without telling me and possibly killed me.  Yes, this could have happened to anyone.  But it is More likely to happen to those of us with disabilities Because people without disabilities tend to think if something is wrong with our bodies, then something is also wrong with our Minds.

What if I become deaf and the nurse won't bother to get an interpreter?  Another dear friend of mine was violently abused as a child, then accidentally killed by a medical professional giving her the wrong medication dosage.  She took a number of medications and did not know she was being overdosed at least for the week before her death.

A friend of mine who worked at a state institution housing mentally disabled people said "We just learn not to ask when we see the bruises."  It Happens!

When I vote I try to vote for the person I think is most likely to do the Least damage to the Most Vulnerable, including people, and the Earth and all of Her children.  I vote this way whether I like many of the things that candidate has done or not.  Sometimes it sucks as a choice, but what else can I do?

Every largely pro-life church should be made responsible for supporting at Least One local family which adopts America's unwanted children.  Every pro-life person should spend time with a Severely disabled adult before deciding he or she has the right to tell a pregnant woman What she Must do.

I'm way beyone Sick of this hypocracy!

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