Thursday, October 4, 2012

Grumpy Today, Here's My ADA

Americans withh Disabilities Act is Over 20 years old.  And:  1. McDonalds has Removed Braille markers on drink lids so I can no longer hand out the right (diet or not) drinks to friends.  2.  Most restaurants Still don't even have One Braille menu.  As I lose hearing, it will take Forever for someone to go through a menu with me.  I will have to look up the place I'm going ahead of time and Hope for an online menu.  3.  I got this print book entitled "Medicare and You" from the Social Security Administration.  On the back, IN PRINT, it says I can order one in Braille.  Cute.  I called yesterday, waited half an hour to be told to call back in mid-October and Braille copies Should be available by then.  I asked when a person had to choose a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan, if they were eligible.  Answer:  "Between Oct. 15 and Dec. 7."  Doesn't Oct. 15 sound kind of close to the "middle of October to you?  4.  I seem to be losing hearing in one ear, having harder time understanding people this week, Frustrating and frightening.  A friend who is deaf wonders why I don't participate in more activities, I can't flipping Drive!  Cab fare is Costly. Oops, that should have been 5.  So, 6.  Signs on elevators which say in Braille what floor I am on are Still not always in the same place.  Would you like to grope all over the frame and wall by an elevator to find out where you are with people watching?  Well neither do I!  The Same problem applies to bathroom doors, is it "men's" or "ladies?"  If signs were always put in the same place I might know.

Enough for now.  I'm going to Deaf Chat in a new location, The mall in Springfield.  Going with a sighted hearing friend who helped me look up and review words in ASL on the computer.  We will probably stay a couple of hours, this week has been Long.

I heard about a book on NPR called "Cursing Mommy" and think I might want to read it, yes, Totally unBuddhist of me.  It's probably not in audio anyway.

I can't figure out how to work with Blogger labels.  Speech of my computer keeps asking about "all labels?"  I do not understand what it means so sometimes am not sure whether to try typing in labels or not.

But credit where credit is due; I don't know if it's the newer computer I'm working with or Blogger.  But it is Much easier to write now and for this I am Thankful!

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