Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Indiana Hoosherwomen, Missourians who've been "shown", Pensylvania, Look Sharp!

Sorry, Pensylvania, I don't know either what nickname or state motto you have.

But this honestly worries me for all of us.  Remember Mo. Federal Senate candidate?  Well it seems he has company when it comes to views on rape.

I think some prejudiced and ignorant Dr. truly May have told Mr. Akin that women can't get pregnant from his definition of "ligitimate rape.  And the fact that Mr. Akin still believes this says to me that his own ignorance is too great to Allow him to epresent Me in Washington or anywhere else!

I have already voted absentee and I voted for a local Republican candidate.  He ran the County Heealth Dept. during the 1980's when AIDS was first hitting this area.  He handled it very well, without humiliating people and trained his staff to do likewise.  I am not anti-Republican.

I Am anti-ignorant representatives who Say they speak in my name.  Not only are the statements from Your Senators as bad as Mr. Akin's, from My state, they are Dangerous.  Rape can traumatize a person for life.  It Very often breaks up relationships and marriages.  Tghis makes it a People's Issue, not just a Women's Issue.  We all have sisters, nieces, aunts, mothers, and/or grandmothers who may be young enough to become pregnant if attacked.

Please don't vote for ignorance?

Indiana Republican Senate candidate, Richard Mourdock made another offensive comment
about rape last night. But Mitt Romney and top Republicans aren't pulling their support.
Enough is enough. Can you tell Mitt Romney and Republicans that if they want women's
votes they need to stop playing politics with rape?
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Just. Stop. It.
Last night, ANOTHER Republican candidate for office made ANOTHER offensive comment
about rape. This time it was Indiana Senate candidate Richard Mourdock saying pregnancies
resulting from rape are what God intended.
 This is on the heels of Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin's comments that women
don't get pregnant from "legitimate" rape,
 Pennsylvania Senate candidate Tom Smith saying that having children out of wedlock
is basically the same thing as rape,
 and Rep. Steve King saying he has never heard of anyone getting pregnant from statutory
Add it all up and we have a very serious, disturbing problem when it comes to Republican
men running for office and how they view women.
But something about Mourdock's comment is even more disturbing:  Mitt Romney just
released an ad endorsing him
. While he's tepidly tried to distance himself from Mourdock today, he hasn't pulled
his endorsement and the ad is still on the air.
 And Senator John Cornyn, head of the National Republican Senate Campaign Committee,
is **defending** Mourdock.
Can you send a clear message to Mitt Romney and the Republicans about how you feel
about these comments as a voter?
 If they want women's votes, they need to stop supporting candidates with extreme
views on rape. Mitt Romney must withdraw his endorsement of Mourdock and Republican
campaign committees must stop supporting him right away.
Add your name to the petition.
There are just 2 weeks before the election and campaign committees are really susceptible
to public pressure right now. If enough of us speak out quickly and loudly, we can
make a difference here. And we can make it clear to members of both parties that
playing politics with rape is just flat out wrong.
This isn't just an issue that upsets progressive women--it upsets all women.
Even Christine Todd Whitman, former Republican Governor of New Jersey and Bush EPA
Administrator, is appalled and calling on Romney to strongly reject Mourdock.
Rape is rape. It is not a political game. And we, women and men alike, deserve better
from candidates of any political party.
Add your name to the petition.
Thanks for speaking out,
--Nita, Shaunna, Kat, and Karin, the UltraViolet team
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