Monday, October 15, 2012

No Mercy

As a cancer survivor I find this reprehensible!  If I die of cancer I hope to be allowed to do so withOut this kind of pressure, and With some dignity!  I believe that change happens one person at a time, one person reaching out to one other person, whom they may or may not know.
Wells Fargo: Stop the foreclosure on my friend Cindi -- a stage 4 cancer victim's -- home.
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Cindi Davis is a close friend of mine, and has been for five years. She is one of
the most generous people I know, having taken in seven special needs pets over the
Pretty amazing for someone who is also fighting late stage breast cancer.
My friend Cindi and her husband Kirk have struggled to cover the cost of her cancer
treatment and keep up with their mortgage over the years.
But when they could no longer make full mortgage payments, Wells Fargo moved foreclosed
on their home instead of working with them to adjust their loan.
I've heard of other homeowners successfully saving their homes from foreclosure by
starting petitions -- and now I've started my own to help Cindi.
Click here to sign my petition asking Wells Fargo to stop the foreclosure of Cindi and Kirk's home.
Cindi and her husband work hard to pay for their mortgage and medical treatments.
Together with Cindi and Kirk and many of our friends, we've all chipped in to help
cover their bills, treatments, and medications. Cindi's sold some of her quilting
work, and friends and neighbors have chipped in by organizing yard sales, raffles,
and even selling candy bars.
Cindi says she explained her situation to Wells Fargo, and a bank representative
said they would consider a solution -- but the next she heard from the bank was a
foreclosure notice. Wells Fargo has even refused to accept partial payments, and
they've added fees and more penalties. They don't know how to keep up.
Click here to sign my petition asking Wells Fargo to work with Cindi and Kirk and modify their mortgage so they can stay in their home.
Thank you for your support,
Kate Livingston
Chaparral, NM
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