Saturday, October 27, 2012

Personal Note, then Doll Bummer

No, no one had to correct me.  I read my post After publishing it. (That was my mistake, at least the Second one.) 
  What I said about Russell Means and AIM still stands.

But my whining about the changes in my looks Didn't belong anywhere but in my head, and only there for a short time.  This was my First mistake, whining to Anyone else.  Again, I apologize. 

I checked on the "Hearts for Heaarts 14 inch vinyl doll Mosi, (supposed to look Navajo or Din`e,) not coming out until next year although advertised for this year.  Also read a Phily Collector's post about the signature "Prettie Dolls" next year again.  Don't have the bucks right now anyway.  Tried to check out website for "Magical Monster" dolls and it was Totally inaccessible, no speech, no Braille.

Does anyone else get the "Wants its" when they are most broke?  I do.

Maybe the silver lining is that When these dolls come out I will have more money.

I would also like some brunette guy action figures, I like the "Power Team" guys and wish now that I had snapped up some of those fire fighter and police rescue dolls after Sept. 11, 2001.  But I wasn't thinking of dolls then, can you believe it?

Between 911 itself and chemo. I was kind of occupied.  Which guides me to the thought that I am Very Thankful Not to be listening to and praying for those effected by 911 Or in chemo.  I still pray for people I don't know elsewhere.

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  1. I recently saw some World Peacekeepers action figures at Big Lots. If you have Big Lots in your area check to see what's available. They are $10 in my area. None were dark skinned (my preference) but there were several with dark hair.