Saturday, October 20, 2012

The "Occupy Movement" Where do You Stand?

I find myself halfway in and halfway out of the "Occupy Wallstreet" (and other places) movement.  They include the homeless and the mentally ill in their ranks.  Among my friends and acquaintances are people with psychiatric diagnoses, and many of us have been or still are on the verge of homelessness. 

They say bank with Credit Unions, Not big banks.  In this way, it is said, that the money is likely to go back into rebuilding your local community.  I bank at a bank which, to the best of my knowledge, has branches in three states, including Mo. 

They say buy "Fair Trade" and I simply don't have the money to do this on a regular basis.  But I do try to buy luxury items, coffee, chocolate, gifts for others, "Fair Trade."  Also if something is personally meaningful to me, the basket which held Ann's ashes after her cremation, for example, I also try to buy "fair Trade."

But I have a lot of vinyl dolls and most collectors won't buy "Fair Trade" dolls, made of cloth, wood, natural materials.

They say it doesn't matter if you vote.  I agree that large multi-national corporations have more to do with many issues in our country than elected officials.  That is why I belong to organizations which pressure Mostly corporations.  However, as a person living on Disability, I vote to try and protect myself and those poorer than me.  Who will harm the most vulnerable least?  That's how I vote, or I do my best.

I hate seeing Wal-Mart chasing out all of the local businesses.  We would pay slightly higher prices, a hardship, but someone would be more Responsive to the needs of their workers And customers, if they had to live in and share the community with their customers and workers.

So my sympathies and when possible my pocket book agree with the "occupiers".  But my pocket book also dictates that I must buy goods from chain stores and multi-nationals for daily use.

I get Truly tired of people who trash the 1960's, and blame that decade and the early '70's for all of our country's ills.  For me the 1960's were like any other period in history, both harmful and VERY beneficial.  African American people began defining themselves For themselves.  So did Native Americans, gay and lesbian people, and the population began rebelling against a war they increasingly saw as unnecessary.  Do you Really want to go back to the "Good old Days" before any of this happened?  I do not.  And women began getting control over our own bodies.  Eventually, child abuse and domestic abuse became uncool and punishable as crimes instead of a societally accepted part of "normal" life.  I have no wish to reverse these changes.
And thanks largely to wounded veterans of the Vietnam War, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ada) was passed.
In the same way, I get sick of people who classify all of the "occupiers" as "lazy bums who cause trouble and Won't get a job." 

Some of the people the occupy movement has embraced Cannot get or hold jobs.  Some stand for what they believe in in the cold, the rain, the extreme heat, and the snow.  Public facilities should be available to them, whether we agree with their opinions or not.  Then no one would have "they just go to the bathroom wherever they are" or "they Won't take showers" to say.  Homeless people often have this same problem.

Where do you stand with regard to the "Occupy" movement?

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