Thursday, October 4, 2012

Who Is Our Government?

Well, the computer froze last night after my post about what U.S. Bank was doing.  Now for another view from Burma, where American companies have been encouraged to invest.

Don't know if I can screen out name, etc. with periodically freezing computer.

Tell the Department of State to impose stronger reporting requirements on American
companies investing in Burma
We need your help to ensure that the Department of State makes protecting human rights
their top priority in Burma.
Right now we have the opportunity and the responsibility to tell the Department of
State to impose stronger reporting requirements on American companies.
 In July, President Obama announced American companies would be permitted to investment
in Burma
with one important caveat: they would be required to report on their land acquisition
and human rights policies for their activities in Burma.
Right now you have the opportunity to advise the Obama Administration to strengthen the reporting requirements for American companies doing business in Burma.
Strong, transparent reporting on their activities is vital to protecting and empowering
communities throughout Burma.
The business environment in Burma has not changed for the better.  Rule of law is
 human rights violations and armed conflicts
 continue in resource rich regions.
An increase in foreign investment in the extractive industries will exacerbate the
situation. The
 fragility of ceasefire and peace agreements does not yet guarantee safety for the
civilians, particularly in the ethnic nationality areas. Significant amounts of extortion
land confiscation
 have occurred in both central Burma as well as in the ethnic communities without
, much of it done to pave the way for foreign investment.
What can you do to help? We need you, our human rights supporters,
to take action on our website
. Be sure to
send an email
 that will be sent directly to the U.S. Department of State and let the U.S. government
know that you want to impose stronger reporting requirements for American companies
investing in Burma.
In solidarity,
USCB team

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