Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Modern Native Doll Found and Question for Kind Reader

Modern Native doll Found, and a Question for Kind Reader

For anyone interested in 18 inch dolls, there is a Great Canadian site called Maplelea.They offer a doll representing each province of Canada.  There is a blonde with brown eyes, a blonde with  blue eyesbrown haired dolls, I think two dolls of color.  And One of them is from the Province of Nunavat.  She is Native American, or as they say in Canada, a "First Nations" girl.  And she's wearing Native footware with JEANS and a T-shirt! 

Barbie made an improvement with the Northwest Coast Native American doll.  Her box said dinner could be seal meat or pizza.  But the doll, of course, was taller and proportioned differently than any of the people pictured on the box.

But the Canadian girl, Saila (pronounced Sigh-lah) looks like a Human!  One BIG problem, she costs about $100, have to try and save up for her and hope she's still there by the time I do.

Someone kind enough to read a part of what I have posted wans to know more about a blog from August entitled, "Personal Notes and Home Healthcare Aides".  The article accompanying my "personal notes" is not written by me, only my comments before it are written by me.  What would you like to know?  I will share info., if I have it.  And thank you all for reading!

Sorry I cannot put labels in for these blog posts.  Since Blogger changed it's format I can post, thank heavens, but can't put in labels without using a rodent (mouse) which is not an option for a blind or deaf-blind person.  Or maybe it's this newer computer which is drivving me CRAZY.  Yes, that Was a scream you heard, with a lot of expletives you missed!  Its "verbositty" settings are wrong, so it reads Every dash, number, letter, and symbol, (less than, greater than, punctuation mark) on the screen.  Takes Forever for me to get anything Done.  It also likes to freeze up and lock.  Manual shut-downs are bad for it, but sometimes nothing else works.  I defrag. daily, at Least once.  Going back to the much older tower tonight when a sighted friend, "Tech. Savvy Wendi" is coming to switch them out.

Then I will get back my sound cues, when I'm getting a new E-mail, when the computer turns on or shuts off.  Right now I must sit with my hands on computer tower and Braille display to make sure machine is turning off.

But I'm glad blogger gives me the chance to gripe, though I'm sorry kind readers are the ones who may skim through my complaints.  Every blind or deaf-blind person I know goes through this Regularly, so I don't have it harder than any of them.  And as of tonight I'll have No More Computer whining, promise.

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