Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Apology for Whining and Slug Traps

First, I have something serious to do which is to say I Am sorry for whining at those of you who face discrimination each day.  I know, I "pass" as white.  The discrimination I face is due to my disability of blindness, (unemployment rate is about 70 to 80 percent for working age blind) and my hearing impairment in addition.  Shit is shit, but it's Not the same Kind of shit, at least sometimes.

Also I want to say I'm sorry for whining to those of you, black and white, who have more Native blood than me but no trace of it that is recognized. You also suffer.

I am sorry for whining.

New subject:
More than 141,000 people -- including you -- signed Rabbi Moishe Feiglin's petition
calling on the Brooklyn District Attorney to drop charges against Ehud Halevy, the
homeless youth whose beating by NYPD officers was caught on video.
Amazing news: Because of you, all of the charges against Ehud, including the charge
for trespassing in the Jewish youth center where he actually had permission to sleep,
have been dropped.
Rabbi Feiglin is the director of the center where the beating took place, and he
wants everyone who signed his petition to know how grateful he is that you stood
up for Ehud.
"Thank you to everyone who signed our petition on," he says.
"I hope this sends a message that we should continue increasing our acts of goodness,
kindness and justice."
It took only three days for Rabbi Feiglin to win his campaign -- what would you change
if 141,000 people had your back?
Click here to start your own petition on now.
Thanks for being a change-maker,
- Emilia and the team
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Start a petition

I wish the case of Martin Traevon had been settled so quickly.  I wish Leonard Peltier was free, long with many others who don't deserve to be where they are.

New Gross subject:  I had to set out beer for slugs which have infested my garden.  Now I know I can use any kind of shallow container, filled with beer, and a hole cut out of the top.  I don't enjoy killing anything, even slugs.  But to come upon one I didn't know was there by touching it Freaks me out.  And to step on one triggers almost an automatic "slug dance."  Step with clean foot, then slide slugged foot forward, trying to scrape it on the grass and yell "shit!"  Ann, who had to wear shoes, didn't really mind slugs, which she could also see Before she grabbed them.  She used to get hysterical watching me go into automatic freak.  Then one day my younger sister stepped on a slug and did Exactly the same thing.  I cracked up!  It Is funny to hear.  I know they're only snails without shells, but I always have a wish to hurl when I touch them.  Just hope they die happy with little slug smiles on their faces.

You can bet I'll throw those traps away by bicking them up when full with a plastic bag PRE-CHECKED for any holes. 

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