Sunday, October 21, 2012

Haloween Indians

How would you feel if every Haloween there were costumes for white men with handfuls of $100 bills coming out of every pocket and little signs covering each pocket opening saying things like, "Gated Community"  "I got mine, what's WRONG with YOU?"  "Medical Care is for those who can AFFORD the best!?"  or "I'm free, white, and 21, what's Your Problem?"  A few stereotypes of ALL white men in there?

Well how about turning a white child, via a Haloween costume into a comical black "pic-a ninny?"  Yea, I'd be protesting with you.

There could be a blonde costume with a flirty face, and a sign, "Stupidity grants my finest wishes."  Sexist?

A redhead costume with a snarling face, and a shirt saying, "Get outa my way you ----" and "It should have happened Yesterday, damn it!"  A stereotype?

I could unfortunately go on forever.  But every Haloween I find myself getting ticked off at the "Little Indian" costumes.

Haloween is a scary or fake scary time.  Most of the Indian costumes are for males with bloody tomohawks.  Message, Native men are scary blood thirsty savages.  Yes, there are a few "Indian Princess" costumes, although among most North American tribes royalty Still had to Work.

I was abused by a male relative with a white mentally ill mother and a Native American father.  So who abused me, the white half of that particular relative or the Native half?  How about, just my Relative?

I know mant girls And boys abused by white people. 

So Why the Persistence of Indian costumes for Haloween?  If this were done to any other racial group, all hell would break lose.

When I dress up for Haloween I try to use what I already have, or create my own costume.  One year I did dress in an Extreme punk costume, but I did not act stupid or impolite.  I went into a store that day and the sales lady was in a Big Hurry to be rid of me.  When I went back later dressed in my usual clothes she was sweet as pie.

I have a "Lady Insecta" costume, a wolf costume a fake Dr.'s costume with spiders crawling up the medical staff, and my best ever was a parrot with the end of a broken, cleaned, yellow-orange traffic cone for a beak, and blown up and tied yellow dishwashing gloves on my feet, yellow ones.  I've been a creepy alien, with my head covered, except for a blue circle in the center of my forehead, where a plastic eye was taped.

This year I'm an old time trapper, with a gnarly tree branch staff, spiky hair coming out from under my "deer stalker" csap, a pair of borrowed boots too large for climbing, grungy overalls and shirt, a fake beard, and a roll of animal skins on my back.  The early trappers often did look something like this.  And I'm not trying to impersonate anyone in particular.

I'm sure Someone will be offended, there Is always someone.  Doubtless, that is what people will say of my being offended by bloody tomohawked little Indians running around. 

In Canada, it might be different.  But in most of the U.S. we have destroyed our ecology so much that very few people can make a living by trapping and trading.  I am Not glorifying the slaughter of animals, just for there skins!  That is scary, not funny. 

Sorry if you consider this a rant, it's just something I've learned to keep my mouth shut about for Years.

I like best to become an animal in the most convincing way I know how.  Maybe I'll try being a plant next year, any ideas on how?

I already did Bacus  with ivy (fake) and green hair.

One of my favorite dolls truly looks like the witch in "The Wizzard of Oz."  Her green skin is set off beautifully by a Barbie "Mexican" dress with ricrack of differing colors.  I named her Babayaga, and Ann helped me pick out her dress.  She leads a camp of mostly women and girls and is training an apprentice, who is just a bit bigger than a Kelly sized doll.

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