Friday, October 5, 2012

What We Women Need to Know

It's one thing to have personal and religious views about birth control, the morning after pill, and under what circumstances, if any, a woman may have an abortion.

I think we all pretty much know where President Obama stands on these issues.

But I Sincerely hope that in the next Presidential debate Presidential Candidate Romney is asked some of these questions.  Does he believe he has the right to impose his views on the entire female population of the U.S.?  Will he impose the views of his Church on all of us?  Will he allow employers to deny women employees reproductive health coverage on religious grounds?  I need to know and so do all women.  There is a petition at Ultra Violet asking the moderator of the next debate to ask these questions of both candidates.  I signed it.  My ovarian cancer was detected in a routine pap smear.  I would be dead without this kind of health coverage.  The places which offer birth control (like Planned Parenthood) are Also the Same places where women, especially Poor women go for cancer screenings. 

If you care about this issue, please sign the Ultra Violet petition.  We All, not just women, need to know where the candidates stand on these issues.  Does Presidential Candidate Romney agree with Mr. Tod Akin of Mo. that in a "ligitimate rape" a woman can't become pregnant?  I am not a man hater and I do know that some women claim to have been raped when it is not true.  But all I have to do is listen to women in war zones who become pregnant as a result of rape to know that I do not have the right and neither does Any politician, to decide what is a "ligitimate rape."  I want to know where the candidates stand.

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