Monday, October 29, 2012

Prayers for Your Safety

For most of you who are kind enough to read some or all of what I have written I don't know where you live.  But your safety is in my hopes and prayers!  Sanndy is supposed to make landfall earlier than expected.  Closer to 8:30 tonight than to the earlier predicted time of midnight.  Please do all you can to protect yourselves!

Philly Collector, I know Pa. is under a state of emergency.  I wish I knew what to do that could help.  If it is needed, I will be sending relief after the storm.  I pray that none of you will need it!

Had an interesting experience today.  On the NPR Program "Talk of the Nation" there was a segment where they were asking people from the warned area to call in and say how bad it was.  I called in because I wanted the answer to a question.  What preparations have been made to evacuate people without cars?  People with cars will be taking their family members and pets with them to safety.  But what about those whose Normal modes of transport are bicycles, busses, subways, etc.?  My call was not allowed on air because it didn't fit the question asked.  I hope Each of you and those you love has a car!  Thoese without cars were many of the people caught in huricane Katrina.  May you all find shelter!

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