Monday, October 22, 2012

Homeless Jewish Man Beaten While he Slept in Synagogue With Rabi's Permission?

If reported accurately, just as repulsive as the Rodney King beating.
NY District Attorney: Drop charges against Ehud Halevi, who was beaten by police while sleeping in his synagogue
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On October 8, 21-year-old Ehud Halevi was sleeping in a youth center run by the New
York synagogue where he's a member. Ehud is homeless, so his Rabbi -- who runs programs
for at-risk youth like Ehud -- had told him back in September he could sleep there.
In a video that's now gone viral on the internet, two New York police officers are
shown waking Ehud in the early morning. Even though Ehud explains to them that he
has permission to sleep at the center, they try to arrest him. Then,
the officers beat Ehud for almost 5 minutes straight
 -- even after Ehud can be seen lying down.
And despite the NYPD's beating,
it's Ehud who's being charged with assault
, and he faces 5 years in prison.
Rabbi Moishe Feiglin feels terrible. This happened at his synagogue’s center and
to one of his congregants -- and he just wants Ehud's nightmare to end.
Rabbi Feiglin started a petition on calling for the Brooklyn District Attorney to drop all charges against Ehud.
So far, the NYPD officer who was most involved in Ehud's beating has only been minimally
disciplined -- his gun has been taken away and he's been placed on desk duty -- but
the other officer hasn't been disciplined at all. Rabbi Feiglin says this is unacceptable.
Ehud was eventually arrested and charged with trespassing and assaulting an officer,
even though the video shows he didn't fight back.
In the past several months, several tapes of NYPD officers engaged in disproportional
and violent exchanges have drawn heat to the department.
With pressure rising, Rabbi Feiglin thinks that the support of thousands of people
behind Ehud now can get the charges against him dropped.
Click here to sign Rabbi Feiglin's petition calling on the Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes to drop charges against homeless youth Ehud Halevi, who wasbeaten by police.
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- Emilia and the team
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