Saturday, October 13, 2012

I'm Not a Bank!

Ok, this is time 2 for trying this post.  And I Still haven't figured out How to put labels on a post Without dragging up every Old label I have Ever used!  Can anyone help?

Everyday for the last month my inbox has received 7 or 8 E-mails from some Democrat or Democrat organization.  It's always semi-hysterical in tone "This is Serious"  or "What would You do If..." something like that.  I made the mistake of giving $20 early in the campaign and this was my repayment, but it gets "better". 

First, because I KNOW this is serious, "No sh-- Sherlock" I have sent money by check to Obama 2012 and to a local state rep. running against Mr. Tod Akin, who appears in a past post.  I only got Medicaid by Two Senate votes last Summer, do I maybe Think this election is Serious?

Because I am Not a bank I tried replying, "Where Can I send a check?"  No answer, no surprise.

Then I clicked on the link to donate and found it, yep, INACCESSIBLE.  Since my efforts to Unsubscribe from this mess were ignored I finally sent a message saying, "Either make your donation process Accessible to speech and Braille output computers or Please get out of my inbox."  I signed it "Obama voter."

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