Friday, September 16, 2011

Beading Doll Clothes Blind

Have to write early today. It's supposed to storm and although my computer is quite old (over 10 now) and could be replaced, the software which makes it speak, (screen reader program) costs about $1,000. So whenever it's supposed to storm I unplug computer and modem.

I love texture. When I started weaving I chose tapestry weaving in which a lot of specific stitches had to be learned to create spirals, etc. I decided Not to weave anything which was not interesting to Feel, as well as See.

Same goes for beading. I cannot see other peopple's bead work, so design my own patterns in my head. I can't see colors now so mark each pill or vitamin bottle of beads (seems like zillions of them) with color as described by an artist, and price. A lot goes into color. Is it shiny or mat? Is it clear, translucent, silver lined, or non-see through? What is it made of, glass, metal, wood, etc.? All of this is stated on the "pen friend" label for the bottle.

Then I cannot line beads up on a groved rack and "shoot a rack" (insert long beading needle and thread through a whole line of beads to fit a color pattern I've made up). So I sew on One bead at a time, attaching my line of beads to the cloth via a self-threading needle (they do not thread themselves) every two or three beads. The needles I use have a partially open eye which thread can be popped through.

But these needles are Not small enough to go through some seed beads or tiny bugle beads. So I use heavy fishing line to thread through tiny beads, then thread the line on a needle to sew the beads down. It's a painstaking and time consuming process and sometimes it just doesn't work out because I've chosen the wrong fabric (stretchy pliable soft leather for example, thin enough to tear easily) to work on.

One of my talents is a "correct the flaw in this work" talent. Since I make up the patterns, choose the fabric, and do the beading, I am always experimenting.

I like to work with drapery fabric or thin upholstry fabric, too. It is often more interesting to touch than flat cotton, which may have a Great visual design on it. I Hate it that stores just Pitch their sample books, when I would pay a little something for them and use what samples I could for doll clothing. Another example of our Wasting what Earth and fellow humans have provided, in the name of the dollar!

This is how my bead work on doll clothing gets done. People sometimes ask me why go to the trouble? All I can say is I love doing it while listening to an audio book or a DVD. It calms me to have something to do with my hands and it makes me happy. What Better reason? And it isn't hurting anyone.

For tapestries woven on a loom I can use larger beads and more standard bead weaving techniques, along with tapestry stiches.

If I ddon't write tomorrow it is still storming.

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  1. What an inspiration you are! Too many people don't pursue their skills because they take it for granted, or they are just plum lazy. We are given talents for a reason. It is such a waste when we choose not to use them. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.