Saturday, September 24, 2011

If you are Blind, Kira has Clones

When Arctic Barbie first came out I was very excited to see her. I had no ability to do so while she was sealed up in the box, so bought one of these dolls. When sighted people saw her they said she Did look kind of Inuit. But although she had kind of interesting clothing, I touched nothing but a smaller version of Kira's face. Sighted people said she was more brown than Kira usually is, and that her eyes were painted a bit differently. But she felt just the same to me. She had, of course, the same body, and a smaller but the same face. There was the same general face shape, the same short nose coming out at about the same angle, and the same distended eye flaps. Bummer.

The same thing is true of Miko, although since miko is a word in Japanese, I suppose that doll was supposed to Look Japanese. And again, the same face, a bit longer was on Chinese Barbie, the older Korean Barbie, though modified a bit.

I found a Barbie made in the Aname (sorry about spelling if wrong) style, from Japan. I couldn't stop laughing, Americans of European heritage had gotten our just deserts! (I am both Native and white). I laughed Hare! This little Barbie had saucer round eyes, a Long straight nose which stuck out like a sausage link glued where a nose Should be, Huge chunky jewlry, and a differently shaped face. I guess that might be what some of us look like to Japanse people.

I wish Barbie (Mattel) wasn't so Lazy about faces! Paint jobs which differ just Don't Do it for me. I hope no child from Asia, who is blind, is Ever given a Kira-faced doll and told that This is how She or He looks. Americans must be obsessed with Asian Women, where are the Men?

This is why I like dolls already mentioned in earlier posts who are from Asian countries but do Not have Kira faces!

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