Sunday, September 18, 2011

Twilight Saga Jacob New Moon Doll

So what's with all the Vampires anyway? A friend asked me this the other day and all I could think of was Control Issues. After all, there are vampires so in love the Won't bite their lovers, there are fearful vampires lurking everywhere whom no one can control, and why the sweetening up of vampires? It is acceptable to drain someone's life, energy, to be a frienome? (haven't seen That word in Braille, of course.) Or is it just the acceptance of the fact that all friends sometimes hurt one another's feelings, by addident?

I didn't know Anything about Twilight Saga, don't watch the stuff. So I thought something was Wrong with Edward's weird, rubbery, funny textured face. I was informed that Vampires are no longer invisible in sunlight, they sparkle! I hope they jangle too, so I can stay away from them.

Then comes Jacob New Moon. An Indian? Hey, the Vampires came from Europe!

So, to have a Native looking doll would be nice. But he is played, as are many Native characters on TV, by Italian or Greek actors. Do I want to promote This trend? No. And Isn't there something a bit weird about the Native guy in the show turning into a Werewolf? I mean, let the Italian be a werewolf and a Native guy be a fellow vampire, with the rest!

How would African Americans feel if all of their wonderful actors and actresses were replaced with Latinos? There Would Be Conflict! How would European Americans feel if all of Their actresses and actors, many oof whom are wonderful, were replaced by Chinese?

So I guess this doll is probably "eye candy" like the rest, but I don't know that I will buy him, probably Not.

I'd Rather have a Hasbro "first responder" who looks Italian American or Greek American. That, at least is more honest and Believable.

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  1. You are NOT missing anything by NOT reading the Twilight stuff - in my opinion. I had the misfortune to watch the first movie. Fortunately, I did not pay a penny for that; someone bought the DVD and showed it to me. I cannot get the gagging out of my mind when I think of that movie.

    Bella, the dumb chick who is into vampires, is a drip. She whines about her parents not loving her and the other kids not liking her. Or understanding her. Please. There she goes again like water coming from a faucet. Drip, drip, drip. Annoying.

    Her goal is to get vampire Edward to turn her into a vampire so she can torment him with her company FOREVER. Seriously, who REALLY wants to have someone suck the life from them? I mean what SANE person would? Oh, but wait, she's in LOVE. Puke, puke.

    Edward is whiney, too. Not as bad as Bella, but annoying. He's a perverse Peter Pan who hangs out at a high school where no one gets how LONG he has been there. More dumbness.

    Jacob, the werewolf, is in love with Bella. I don't know why - she is so vapid. Werewolf is a good role for his character ... he's the faithful, boring guy who enjoys being dogged. Ha, ha. Bad puns on my part, but shudder that's what the movie warrants.

    A bunch of bad vampires want to kill Bella. I am down with that, that is a totally cool goal in my mind, BUT those vampires are - if possible - even dumber than Edward and Jacob. I cannot believe their utter incompetence in trying to kill Bella. There are a couple of scenes when you THINK that they just MIGHT do it this time, but no, that's just cruelty on the part of the movie producer.

    If you ever feel like your jaw and teeth could use a good exercise workout - you need to grind your teeth or you want to test your gag reflex, then that's the time to take in the banality that is Twilight the movie. If you need to spare your teeth and jaws and throat those agonies, pass the Twilight movies.

    Again, that is only my admittedly prejudiced view. (Oh and last thing - Twilight is like the Barbara Cartland romance novels that I tried to read years ago.)