Monday, September 12, 2011

The President Isn't Keeping Promises, Again

I am not posting this to encourage Anyone to join, Or to get anyone to write a letter to the editor of a local paper, unless They Want to.

I am posting this and the previous post to say that I'm disgusted with many of the actions President Obama has chosen to take.

Unlike the message below, I think there probably Are some Republican Congress People who support clean air legislation. President Obama, who has a Daughter with asthma, but can afford to move Away from corporate air polluters when his term is, or his two terms are up, is Not living up to his campaign pledges about nuclear disarmament Or protecting the Environment. Must be nice t be able to move away.

I usually try to vote for the Presidential candidate I think will do the Least Harm. But I'm beginning to Wonder who that could be next time. Should I vote at all?

Our President Inherited a Huge mess when he came into office. But adding More nuclear weapons to the world and helping to Increase air pollution were Not a part of it. Will he or whoever becomes the Next President have to deal with the New messes of President Obama, too? I Had hoped he could straighten out at least a Few things, and I do support the Affordable Care Act, with all of its imperfections. He has done this and what else to help ordinary Americans?

I Never thought I would join those who criticize President Obama, simply because he Did inherit such a mess. But I Do disagree with him Strongly on creating More nuclear weapons and on Overruling the EPA on clean air rules!

Dear MoveOn member,
I have some tremendously upsetting news: Late Friday, President Obama overruled EPA
science and blocked crucial new protections against smog pollution that have been
years in the making.
The decision came after a major campaign by corporate polluters and Republicans to
kill the rules.
The result, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, is likely to be tens
of thousands of premature deaths
, as well as increased illness among seniors, kids with asthma, and people who have
lung problems.
Worse, in announcing his decision,
President Obama repeated discredited tea party talking points
about environmental rules costing jobs. The reality is that these standards were
the best thing for the economy and the environment. And clean air protections are
the perfect issue to remind Americans that enforcing rules to protect citizens' health
and safety is one of the most important roles for our government.
With congressional Republicans planning a series of votes starting this week to block
other health and environmental standards, we need to set the record straight, right
Will you write a letter to the editor of your local paper reminding folks that environmental protections like these smog rules protect our health AND strengthen our economy?
Our website will give you some tips and make it easy for you to submit the letter
to a newspaper near you. And your letter will help persuade folks in your community
that we shouldn't be tearing our government down—we should be making it work.
President Obama tried to bury this news by announcing it hours before Labor Day weekend.
But on Labor Day we need him standing up for the kinds of health and safety protections
that working folks and labor unions have spent decades fighting for, not repeating
Republican talking points about how we don't need them.
What's more, Nobel-Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman pointed out that this anti-smog
rule would actually create clean energy jobs: "It would have forced firms to spend
on upgrading or replacing equipment, helping to boost demand. Yes, it would have
cost money—but that's the point!"
Help push back against tea party Republicans' message that we can't afford to protect
our health and safety.
Write a letter to the editor today.
Thank you.
–Adam, Robin, Marika, Peter, and the rest of the team
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Post, Sept. 2, 2011.
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