Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Blogger, You've Done it Again!

I wrote a post today and I wrote a post Yesterday. My best guess is that the labels were too long. It may be for This reason that Both posts ended up in the Drafts folder and I CANNOT get them OUT with Keyboard Commands! Ben trying now to retrieve them for Two Hours!

The Joyful News, contained in Both, is that I do Not have a recurrence of Cancer! Yeah!!!!

But then two differing subjects were discussed on each of the days I Thought I had Published a Post!

Tomorrow I will see a friend who is sighted, and a Rodent (mouse) user. She does Wonders with my ancient computer and will probably be able to retrieve the posts for you. Thanks for your patience with this deaf-blind blogger AND, with itself. I have no more patience left for today.

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