Thursday, September 29, 2011

Joyful Post and flat Faced Dolls

It seems my Joyful Post of yesterday didn't publish. I Do Not Have a Recurrence of Cancer! Yeah!!!! I can put up with a Lot of inconvenience and pain, but I really wasn't sure I could face surgery and chemotherapy alone, without Ann, face it Again. Yesterday before I got test results part of me just said, "It doesn't matter, might as well check out now." But another part of me was curious to find out what my future will be like, what Positive things Might be possible, and I am Extremely Glad I will have some time to find out!

I like the Get Real Girls because of their articulation, ability to Stand Up, And the books and equipment which come with them make All of them sound intelligent and interesting. I never heard of Skylar until reading past doll collecting blog of Phily Collector, and now, of course, she has vanished. But if I just had to tell them apart by touching their faces, Without touching their hair, clothing, or equipment, I couldn't. Their hair helps, I like Nakia's braids. And I braided Nina's hair into one thick short braid, to identify her. I cannot remember the name of the blond doll in a swimming competition suit with a camera. Something like Corrie or Courtney, but it is her clothing and gear which identify her. The same is true of Gabi, or Gabbi, who is a Karate Champion, competing in Japan. Someone put some work into those little books.

I have a doll named Asia, and a doll named Reo or Rio. I don't know if they are Forever Girls, but I think they are called I Girls. Their faces aren't very different either, by touch, but luckily their hair and clothing are. These dolls too have good articulation, and the ability to stand up. But again, their faces aren't too different to touch.

The same is true of a doll labeled "Preppy" on the box, who is painted as an Asian Girl. I like the doll, but again, a generic flat face to the touch. I wonder why this is so when, if you bought them from some place like Amazon, (very high doll prices, but an ACCESSIBLE version of their website) they were $20 each, as expensive as a Barbie with more detailing. I guess they had to choose, spend the money on a realistic body type and articulation, Or head and face molds which differ.

Thanks for the info. on Dynamite Girls, don't think I will pursue them unless I find one I like on sale somewhere. Not likely, as no one is interested in dropping by a store to check out dolls with me anymore. I miss that very much, but have too many dolls already.

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  1. Congrats on the great news!!! It's not your time yet. You apparently have more to do here.