Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Two Dissapointing Barbie Dolls

When I got the updated DOW Barbie from India I liked her a lot. She had what seemed to me to be a more realistic sari, a length of bright cloth carefully wrapped and draped, (was it Pink, Again?) and instructions for wrapping a sari in the box.

Then when I heard about the Festivals of the World Diwali I thought (foolishly) "Oh cool, there are so many Different ethnic and language groups of people in India. I wonder what She will be like?"

Her Outfit is different and doubtless, pretty. But touch the dolls and they are Exactly the Same! From the tips of their toes to the size and flair of their noses, these dolls are Clones! Boring! I sasked a sighted friend to look them over and she said their skintones were the same.

So What's the big deal about Diwali Barbie? Must be the belly button that makes her worth $100 on some sites. I never knew that sighted people put so much store by an exposed belly button. Why not get the person you love to wear a fancy and low slung skirt at home and dance, showing her/his belly button and save a lot of money?

Of All the creative things they could have done with Either the updated DOW from India, Or Diwali, you sighted folks fell for a cheap marketing trick, I think.

Doesn't any beautiful woman Besides a Hindu Princess attend the Diwali Festival? Why not show someone with a differing skin tone or curly hair, and a Different face?

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  1. I think Mattel gets in a rut with their doll faces. They have many and use some of them overtime, lol.

    As for sighted people falling for a cheap marketing trick, let me confess: I do it all the time, lol. Or have done so. I can't afford to continue to do so now because I can't buy as many dolls as I used to be able to. But yes, I have many near duplicate dolls because I like a slight variance in the face screening. Sigh.

    The Diwali Barbie is pretty, yes. I do not have her myself, but I have other dolls that I think look similar. Can't think of their names right now, but I think I do have them.