Monday, September 26, 2011

Tests, Questions, and Thanks, Plus a New Face

Tomorrow I go for a cancer check. I've been having pain for about a month, and other symptoms which could be A, colitis from stress, and diet change, or B, return of cancer. Am Sick of wondering and waiting, so called oncology office and begged for my blood test to be done so I could either decide what to do if answer is B, or Stop Worrying about it if Answer is A. Probably A, but unknown. Major cause of colitis, past chemotherapy, Yep.

I've been working Very hard to keep from feeling how I feel, and obviously, it still gets through. But One of the things I Didnn't know was how Tired I am. Am treating an ear infection which is stuborn, but Yeah, no hearing loss so far! The more I sleep, the more tired I feel And the Better I feel when I wake up. Maybe the test will show answer A and it's time for some kindness toward self and Rest!

Thank those of you who have answered my questions about Dynamite Girls, Power Team, and to the person who sent me a gorgeous gift. I am greatful for the kind answer to my question about the face of Yue Sai Wawa dolls and thank you for not being offended by my ignorance.

I found a new face at Chinasprout. I hope I'm spelling this name correctly. To me, via computer speech, all run together it sounded like "China'sproud." Another good name. But I was corrected by a friend looking at the website with me and Hope I got it right.

The new face is Mei Ling. There are three of her, and they Seem to have the same face, except possible in face length or breadth. Oops, it slipped out, didn't it. Upon discovering a new face I behaved like a Faringi (or Faringee) hot on the trail of gold pressed latinum bars. I'm referring to an alien species on New Generation Star Trek and Deep Space Nine. I liked DS9 much better in general.

But back to the face, it is a cross, to the touch, between Gia and Integrity Toys' old play doll Jade on one hand, and Yue Sai Wawa on the other. And I could afford the "doll greeding".

Those Dynamite Girls are Expensive! the cheapest I found on Ebay were $59 or so, and I wasn't certain those were Dolls or Outfits, so didn't get too near them. I called the Wal-marts in the poorer parts of Springfield, Mo., which sometimes have merchandise longer than anywhere else, they used to carry them, for $50 and $60 bucks in This area? I would be surprised at this, but then I haven't bought dolls at stores for two or three years.

Are the Dynamite Girls clones, meaning, different paint and skin color, but the same face? Sorry to keep asking questions, but now that Ann is gone, no one I know in my area gives a rip about Toy Dolls! And a raspberry to them.

Enough for tonight. Many blessings to all of you who have read my posts and answered my questions with such kindness, and for the gift.

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  1. Hello again.

    Regarding the Dynamite Girl dolls, they come in a number of head molds but these molds come in different skin tone. There is no specific mold assigned to specific groups of ethnicity in this line of dolls.