Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Post Stored in "Word" Until Today

Good Morning, Sept. 4th, 2011

I've been informed that Internet Explorer 9 does Not work well with Any screen reader (talking computer) well yet and that it Will cause many problems.

The problem, I have been further informed by someone making their living in the Access Technology Field, is probably with Blogger Not making available a method of switching back which Does not require an upgrade to IE 9.

Tried again, still can't switch back, Thanks Blogger.

It has been suggested that I upgrade my screen reader software as that Might help. Blind geeks aren't much different than sighted ones. Each upgrade makes formerly used keyboard commands Unhelpful and there is some new learning which must take place. At Least they aren't obsessed with Mice and colors and Icons. That upgrade costs $125. Don't think I'll try to do it, on the chance that it Might help.

Last night I was thinking what I'd be doing if Ann were here. I'd have someone to talk to, laugh with, read with, we'd probably go out to eat or order in food.

Next weekend there's a blues festival in Springfield, Mo. We'd be discussing how badly each of us did or didn't want to go, based on the artists coming. It was fun, being the blind driver of her wheelchair. She used her hands to guide the rented manual chair, and I was the motor. She had to yell Stop! A lot or "Not that far right" after telling me to turn. We handled it fine, worried others, especially when I got out my cane to take used food containers to the trash. Best Festival was 2009, listening to Tab Benoit, Josh Garrett, Kenny Neal, Ronie Baker Brooks, Kelly Hunt,the Cate Brothers, and the Reba Russell Band. Music was Incredible!

2010 the music I liked best was from Home Made Jamz Blues Band, Outstanding! But we didn't like the place, Very hard to get to, and Everything more expensive! Super Chicken, one of our Favorites, had his performance cut short by a curfew not existing in the 2009 location, and didn't interact with the audience at all. Bernard Allison was wonderful!

This year I won't be going. Can't navigate the crowds and find bathrooms alone. Also, still being held in the newer place, and so far the only band I know I like is Little Ed and the Blues Imperials. The only thing you can count on in life is change.

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