Thursday, September 15, 2011

So MUCH Frustration

Are you as frustrated as we are that mainstream media in the US continues to ignore
the growing conflict and human rights abuses in Burma? Did you know Burma's generals
have been attacking communities in Northern Shan State, breaking a longstanding ceasefire
and displacing 30,000 Shan civilians? Probably not by following mainstream media.

The above is one part of an E-mail from the U.S. Campaign for Burma. They don't have oil, just rubies, a Lot of refugees, and the main stream media stinks, so far as I'm concerned.

I'm frustrated by the infant mortality rates and deaths of young people in N. St. Louis. I'm frustrated by the diabetes rate which causes amutations, more deaths from alcohol and drugs, and suicides on reservations and "Indian country" in Oklahoma. And Yes, I am frustrated about mass murder and rape in the Congo, Somolia, and starving people in Somolia and the genocide which has taken place in Cambodia and now Burma.

A Buddhist teacher once said there had been a Buddhist genocide, adding up deaths of monks and nuns and lay Budhists in China, Tibet, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, and Burma, during the past 50 years or so. But that seems to be the record of the twentieth century into which I was born. What people Hasn't been attacked en mass? The ones at the top who make the decisions, I guess.

Ann's family lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana. They have the largest, or one of the largest Burmese refugee populations in the U.S. right now. There has been a lot of anger and tention in Fort Wayne because many of the Burmese people are used to chewing and spitting something which Might be spelled "pon" and evidently it stains things. For a while, I was told, there were signs up at some businesses saying "No Burmese". But lately the problem seems to be resolving itself as the newest wave of immigrants gets acculturated.

I haven't lived in many places. But in the 1980's, Fort Wayne was one of the most racially friendly towns I've ever lived in. I hope it becomes that way again, Including its Burmese population!

The U.S. Campaign for Burma is asking people to write about the genocide there in "social media" to try and make our government care. I don't like and don't trust "social media" except for this blog, so this is my drop in the bucket.

They don't have diamonds like the Congo or Sierra Leone. And they don't have oil like Libya or Iraq. But maybe Someone will care.

And No, I am Not trashing OUR soldiers who are in Iraq. I disagreed always with the decision to go there. But my father served in Korea and my uncle did three tours in Vietnam. A military man told NPR during the Sept. 11th, 2001 ceremonies that the military was getting a "higher caliber of recruit" due to te bad economy. A Horrible choice to make to support your family in this way.

Another rant, I know, but I Do think many things are connected to one another.

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