Monday, September 19, 2011

Buying lind on Ebay

Sometime ago I was looking on Ebay for dolls. A sighted friend was helping. We saw an interesting doll with an interesting fashion for a reasonable price. I'm not usually interested in doll clothing, as I can make my own. But the doll was cool, and different. So I bought it, only to find out that what was for sale was the Fashion Worn by the doll. The add sounded like it was for the doll, the description sounded like it was for a doll, and a good picture of the Doll was in the add. The sighted person and I Both thought the Doll was for sale.

I called Ebay Customer Service and was told to contact the seller. I did this, explaining that I am totally blind and respectfully asking that the seller please cancel the transaction.

The seller never responded. So another call to Ebay Customer Service and I was told just to cancel the transaction from my end in "My Ebay" which I did.

Then a case was opened against me and I called, you got it, Ebay Customer Service Again! I was told to contact the seller again and did so, asking why a case had been opened against me as I had contacted them some time ago, and had done everything Ebay had told me to do. Still no answer from the seller.

I got an E-mail saying that if I did not pay for this item my right to use Ebay could be suspended and guess who I called? This time I informed the Customer Service Rep. that I had been Told in each previous call that notes were being placed on my Ebay account, to the effect that I was doing my part to resolve the problem. The Rep. said just not to Worry about it, all had been dealt with by Ebay.

Yesterday I got an E-mail saying the case against me had been closed, But, if I didn't pay for the item my right to use Ebay might be suspended.

Back to the phone!!!! And I was told that this mess had been cleared from my Ebay record, I wouldn't be suspended from Ebay use, don't worry. This time the Rep. gave me a number referring to my conversation with her which I wrote in Braille. All other info. is kept in E-mails.

So today, thinking all was well, (fool me once) .. .

I ordered a doll from a list of that Type of doll. For example, let's pretend I ordered an Emerald doll from a line of Mixis dolls. Then "Green with Dragonflies" came up. (fool me twice) . . .

and with other names like Afternoon Tea, I thought it was a doll. It is either a shirt or an outfit. This time I paid for it and vowed Never again to buy Anything from Ebay again which did not Explicitly State whether a Doll or a Doll outfit was for sale, and many adds don't.

The National Federation of the Blind, (an active consumer group of blind people) is currently training their first class, in co-operation with Ebay, to sell On Ebay. I hope they are warning them about confusing advertising for people who can't see the picture, and sometimes for people who can, (like my sighted friend) as well.

There was no option to "contact the seller of the doll shirt or outfit I bought. So, I took it as a lesson to Quit shopping and because I Don't want Any More Hassle with Either Ebay Or its Sellers.

I tried to find a way to contact Ebay to suggest that they advise sellers that blind people may be working with them more, (there will also be a class of blind "Trainers" who train Others to use Ebay to buy and sell) but couldn't find any way to contact them and Just Couldn't Deal with talking to yep, Customer Service and listening to all those commercials about their Wonderful website while I was on hold.

So, for the doll enthusiasts who may read this, Please, if you are selling a doll or know friends who sell dolls via Ebay, Ask them to specify whether the title given to their add (such as "afternoon Tea) refers to a Doll In an Outfit or Just the Outfit!

This would help those of us who are either unable to see the adds Or who are sighted and see a Doll In an Outfit to Know What is for Sale.

Does Anyone know How to get this request TO Ebay? That Wonderful website is not completely accessible, by a long shot, and Sara the robot doesn't know a Thing about Screen Readers or blind people. I tried "chatting with her and she kept coming up with completely irrelevant info. on Other subjects.


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