Thursday, September 15, 2011

Half a Cup

It's been a tough week. Someone tried to break into the house I rent through the window by my bed. Ann wasn't here, even if I had been awake, and I Wasn't! Was sleeping with hearing aids out. Only found out the next day.

Panic attacks were very bad. When Ann was alive we had arrangements. One of us yells "call the police" or "call 911" the other one does, immediately. Also, Ann might say "I'm going out to sit on the swing for half an hour, it's a nice night." If I didn't join her and she was out forty-five minutes, I went out to yell and make sure she was ok. When I took out the dog in a snow storm it was, "I taking out the dog, if I'm not back in ten minutes come looking." Now there is no one, scary.

Also I fell today, cracked the joint between my leg and hipbone Good on a rock! The person with me freaked, I just laid still and took stock, to see if I was ok and could get up. If somebocy falls, Don't Grab Them!

I'm ok, one cheek has big bruise and I ain't turnin' the other! When I have to step down with that foot an involuntary noise comes out of my mouth. But nothing broken. It kind of hurts no matter what I do and Really hurts if I do Anything too long. I can't wait until tomorrow and Sat.!
Cup half empty?

Somebody Didn't succeed in breaking into my house. The window was down. Don't know if they didn't want to break it or the dog say up on foot of bed and maybe they saw a shadow with the full moon outside? But I took precautions with windows which won't lock afterwards. More trouble for someone next time.

In Springfield they say they have more burglaries now, because of the economy. I am not so desperate I have to rob anyone and That too is good fortune.

I can still walk, still groan, still sew for dolls, which Doesn't use my leg or hip. Altogether, I think I have some things to be glad about. Not Polly Anna stuff, not the panic attacks, or wanting to yell at Ann for not being here. Not the fall (first in many years) or the pain. But life is a very fragile thing, even if we humans don't like to admit it. And it can be taken away by a stranger at your bedside, a fall, or a snow storm. So I'm glad to still be here and to have friends to help me make this place some safer.

Temperature was 99 degrees F. on Tuesday. Since then it has been plummeting at night. Last evening, someone came over just to make sure the pilot light on my furnace was lit, it was needed. I can light a candle, incense, my gas burners and maybe the oven safely. But the pilot light on each furnace is a bit different and as I just moved here this Summer, I didn't even know where the thing was. But I Did know where all of the light switches are, so my friend could find it. Cup half full at least is my decision!

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