Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Stressed out, so corrected post, New opinions re: Barbies

WWell this is totally embarrassing! I find I am repeating myself and the only excuse I can offer is I'm a bit rattled today, someone tried to break into my house last night. They tried to come through the window by my bed.

A friend came over to help me secure the house a bit and found rot on most of the window frames. His comment was, "Boy you picked a beauty when you picked this one to rent." To which my answer was, ""Dude, this is called a Rent House, I've never Lived in a rent house where all of the glass was secure in the windows and all the frames were in good condition." The house Ann and I lived in had windows just as bad or worse, and my friend and aide said her family had to have the windows of their rental home repaired before they could even Live in it.

There are some small efforts at tenants rights in S. Mo. BUT, I haven't found ANYWHERE a person or agency which will help renters who get evicted Because they tried to Attain their supposed Rights. So I didn't try.

Anyway, maybe I can now try to say something New and more Relevant about Barbies than repeating myself. If anyone is reading this, I apologize to you for boring repitition.

I like the Barbie I think is Princess of the Pacific Islands, because her hair looks just like mine did before two rounds of cancer surgeries and chemo., and Ann's death. Maybe I'll name the gray streaks I've accumulated.

Ann and I changed the face of the Thai Dancer Barbie, so it looks a bit different than a standard Kira face. I've been told that Kira's face does not look like Any Asian woman's face. Friends have said that Barbie's Singapore Airline Stewardess, Chinese New Year, and Gia of the Get Set Club and Mulan, by Disney all lood more like the faces of real women, as does Emerald of the Mixis dolls.

The Very Velvet Barbie and Christy, did they call her that, were very nice dolls. Both were built like dancers and neither had a usual face. I did like their outfits, too. I didn't like the Kira face and Ann disliked Extremely the Teresa dolls looks.
like the Kwaanza Barbie and the older Barbie dolls with African style clothing, Kente Cloth? Haven't read That word in Braille either. See how important Braille literacy is to spelling? My Spell Check will Not work on a post at Blogger, thank you.

Those older Barbies had lovely hair and clothing. For similar reasons I liked both Ghanaian and Kenyan Barbies. The Kenyan Barbie seemed by touch, to have a modified Mackey face, and both the Ghanaian and Nigerian Barbies seemed to have modified Christy faces, by touch. But in these cases I wanted to know about the clothes women (probably Rich women) in these countries might wear. I liked Ghanaian Barbie's jewelry, also.

Sometime you should close your eyes and set out a row of Christy faces, Kira or Chinese DOW, Teresa faces, and see how well you do at telling the difference between the light and dark complected ones, or even which doll is which, by Just touching their faces. You might do very well, if you handle your dolls a lot. But Have you ever checked out their faces by touch?

Back to an earlier subject, searching for Native Americans in the world of Barbie. I think the following could all be at least part Native American. The Old Dow. from Brazil, the Old Dow. from Chile, Hispanic Twirly Curls, the AA doll with Crystal in her name and crystal jewelry, the All Grown Up Skipper AA, who got stuck "baby sitting" Three Kids, (that's a Day Care Center, the girl needs some Help! Rosa Exotica, New Generation Anna, an older DOW from Mexico, and of course Princess of Ancient Mexico, Princess of the Navajo, (who is King, I wonder?) and Princess of the Ancient Incas. By touch, even though her clothes were different, Arctic Barbie had another Kira face.

I get sick of the "mystical Indian" Barbies like "baby Blue Feather" who "just seem to know (understand) these things", or something like that, GAG!
And I do like the Northwest Coast Barbie, even If she's not shaped like any of the other people on her box.

Well, More than enough from me for now! I guess Teresa and Barbie come in for examination next.

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