Wednesday, September 7, 2011

When Everyone is Gone and Dolls

When everyone is gone, and my work is finished, I get scared. What scares me is the exhaustion and depression which settle over me like a blanket so thick and heavy that all I want to do is Crash!

Probably, I should just get still and let these feelings roll over and through me.

I want to give Credit where Credit Is Due! Unlike almost Any other retailer of which I am aware, Has an Accessible Site. I do my shopping through it, whenever possible, and Very much Appreciate being able to buy Anything Independently! The only other retailers who have accessible sites of which I know are those selling products for people with disabilities.

But today I had another frustrating computer struggle, this time with Amazon's Full Site." You can only leave feedback for a seller on the "full site", Not on the Accessible Site, which is the only one I can use independently. I felt I needed to leave feedback for a seller and had to find the help of a sighted friend to do so.

Usually, such things as a site not working with a screen reader are very annoying, but no more. I just wait until I Can ask for the assistance of a sighted friend, without inconveniencing them. Lately I've noticed my temper's fuse is shorter than normal, like it was not long after Ann died. Only then I just felt stressed out. Now I feel depressed and tired, no matter how much rest I get.

So today I will distract myself, at least for a little while, by talking about one of my favorite subjects, dolls.

Doll faces and hair I like most: some of my favorites. All of the Get Set Club Dolls created by Jennifer Baker of Philadelphia. They not only have individual faces and hair, they avoid a thing which Creeps Me Out about most "fashion dolls," their Feet! All Get Set Club dolls Can stand on their "own two feet". Dolls who cannot always remind me of the foot binding which Chinese women underwent!

I also enjoy faces which, at least to some degree, resemble those of real people. So I like Venus and Serena Williams' dolls, Britany Spears' doll, (she has some Cool clothes, too) and the dolls from "Club Seven," "Dream" and "Vitamin C". I like Jade, both by Integrity Toys and Jayson Wu. The faces of many Disney dolls are unique enough to distinguish by touch alone. Mulan has a great face And She can stand up by herself, too. The faces of Bell, Nacoma, Pocohontas, and Coco`um are all cool and different from one another. The Coco`um doll has the nicest hair of any doll, male or Female. Makes me jealous!

I also like the faces of the Spice Girls, Destiny's Child, and the skater doll, Cristi Yamaguchi. I ask pardon for not spelling names of people and groups correctly. It would take a long time to look them all up. Cheetah Girls also have nice faces. I wonder whether they Really look so much alike or if one mold was used for all four of their heads. I'm sure the paint jobs make them look different from one another, but they don't Feel very different. I Am glad that Raven was allowed to be her Own shape! And for the Same reason I like Rosie ODonnell.

The music of many of these music makers is unknown to me, but when I look for a unique doll with a Human looking face, musicians and singers are often the best choices. So I got two Shakira dolls, dying the hair of one black and leaving the other blonde. Christi Aguilara also has a cool faced doll, and Cher and Diana Ross are just gorgeous!

The Heads of Star Trek characters are well sculpted, but their bodies are all the same, bummer! Is Captain Sulu Really Exactly like Captain Sisco in build and proportion? I doubt it.

In Barbie Dolls I like "Model of the Moment" Marisa and I think her name is Nichelle. I like the "Goddess of Beauty" but Not all of the "goddess dolls" which have very similar faces to hers.

There is a particular Birthday Wishes Barbie with a lavender and white lace blouse and skirt who could be Latina or African American. She has a barrette in her hair and a very lovely face. Sorry I can't look up her year for you.

Some of the finest Barbies are from the Festivals of the World or Princess lines. I like both the old and the new Brazilian dolls from Carnival. The Princess of the Navajo (although the Navajo Don't have Princesses) is a believable Navajo face. I didn't like Princess of the Korean Court, who couldn't raise her arms. Princess of the Inca is cool, as are: Princess of the Nile, Princess of the Portugese Court, Princess of S. Africa, (no Christy face There) Princess of Cambodia, and Princess of the Japanese Court. The Princess from China Really creeped me out, as Her bound feet were historically Accurate.

I like Bob Mackey's dolls, but trying to sum up all of Africa or all Native American Nations in one doll leads to some Very weird clothes, in my opinion. Still, I like their faces and hair. Bob Mackey made two dolls I really like in Rosa Exotica and a doll who seems Latina to me, coming up out of an outfit so that she looks like a flower. I think the outfit is largely red and the doll's hair is black.

I like the Caucasian Cinnabar Sensation by Byron lars, as well as Moja, In the Lime Light, Plum Royale, (although her hair looked Very strange in that curling Tower which tends in time to lean, like the one in Pisa) and Indigo Obsession. The clothing for his dolls got Way out there and some of it I don't like.

For the guys I like dolls with a waist. I like Concert Date Ken, for instance, even though his arms don't move sideways. I like the dimple, his Afro, and his overall shape. He Feels like he is smiling. I also like the Skating Ken for his shape. General Lee Shang by Disney was cool and I wish they had made more than one version of him, as they did Mulan. One of my Favorite male dolls is Joey Benitardi from the "Blossom" show, because he has a unique face and hair, and a Believable teen boy's shape.

Also, I like the High School Musical dolls for the unique face shapes, the guys looking like believable teenagers, and their size. After all, the Flavas by Mattel and Skipper who is "growing up" and her friends need Someone to talk to. Maybe it was because I had so many difficulties during those years, but I like those dolls. Their faces are Far too similar, each "Growing up" Skipper AA looks alike, by touch. So does each blonde Skipper look like all others. Each Courtney looks the same, etc. Blah. Only their hair is different. I like Homecoming Queen Skipper AA, Cool Crimp Skipper AA, (who has Believably textured hair) and both Phone Fun and Cool Crimp Courtney, their hair is different, even if their faces feel the same. Can't say why, but Kevin gives me a bad feeling. So when the High School Musical crew came along I was glad, different faces, different hair from one another, All Right!

But what's with all the Pie Faces? Why do all or Nearly all of the newer dolls have such Huge faces, in proportion to their bodies? I noticed it first with the Flavas, which I liked for their size and articulation. Then came Bratz (gross) and most other dolls followed along with giant faces. Disney's Fairies All have pie faces, no thanks! Are they trying to put little girl faces and heads on "grown up" (meaning sexually mature) bodies? Sick! I don't Like them at All, so no popular doll buying lately, except for a couple of female military figures to represent the women in Iraq and Afghanistan.

More than enough for now. It is embarrassing to have this hobby among the people I know in S. Missouri. But as a friend said, "Well, it's a hoby, at least you're not drinking it or sending that money up your nose." I felt better, as I was dreading judgmental words. It could have been a Lot Worse!

More at another time about Imani, Olmec, Charice and Candy, Dominic, Mixis Kente Cloth Barbie, , Cygirls, Xena dolls, X-Men, etc.

Thanks for staying awake, if you did.

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