Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Some of my Favorite Barbie Dolls

There is a particular Birthday Wishes Barbie with a white lace and lavender outfit. She has a barrette in her hair which is dark, and could be either Latina or African American. Her outfit is simple but pretty and kind of classy, and there is just something which feels Good about this doll. She doesn't have a typical Christy face, for one thing.

There is also a Happy Holidays African American Barbie who came in what was described to me as a raspberry pink gown, overdone, in my opinion. I was told she needed a red gown, that the warm tone in her skin did not look good with the pink. I liked her for her Truly black, straight hair which wasn't fly-away (as is the hair of many Kira dolls, for Some reason) and her rooted eye lashes. She is now dressed in white and turquoise and everyone comments on how pretty she looks.

I liked "Radiant Rose" Barbie, even though she had a kind of Christy face, to touch. I can't see the paint jobs which may make one doll look different, or have a different complexion from another. But Radiant Rose had lovely hair, wavy and thick. I also liked the velvet of her skirt. And the description of her coloring did sound lovely.

Model of the Moment Barbie has sold me an African American doll with an Afro and I have been told, very dark skin. I put one of these dolls in the Dancing Fire Barbie outfit and a white feather in her hair, which looks like ash fluff. Why should a fire goddess only come in white? I put another of these dolls in Bohemian Barbie's outfit and the colors look great on her, from what I'm told. I remember color well enough to think they might. The interesting thing, (or one of them) is that on Bohemian Barbie the outfit looks revealing. On Model of the Moment (was her name Nichelle Urban Hipster?) it looks beautiful but concealing, especially since I tied the cape from Bohemian Barbie's waist around the Model of the Moment's shoulders.

I am always looking for Native Americans among Barbies. In general, I'm underwhelmed. But two exceptions are the "Northwest Coast Native American" doll and the Princess of the Navajo, (although the Navajo people do not have Princesses.)

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